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Sin Vega

5 days ago

Feature: It's the system

Syscrusher is the most fun I’ve had in an FPS all year

I'm still drip feeding on the endless treasures from The Bundle. It's healthier than bingeing, and you get more out of it that way. And that's how I stumbled across Syscrusher, a tiny game about shooting robots. I've installed and wearily deleted a dozen shooters in the last 8 months or so. I wish I could replace all their million unnecessary gigabytes with more of…

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Trackmania is out now

Trackmania is a series that... christ, look at this mess. I'm not going to lay out the whole history of the series. They stretch back to 2003, over a dozen or so games on almost as many platforms. They're mostly about time trial races on outlandish, stunt-filled tracks. This latest one is a remake of Trackmania Nations, a free online spin-off released in 2006. It's…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: Wheezy company

Have You Played… Battle Brothers?

Battle Brothers is a very difficult tactical game about managing a mercenary company.So of course I hired the beggars. I hired the "cripples", the falsely accused servants, and the oddballs. I gave them decent food and a place to belong. Sure they'd all die horribly, etched with debilitating and ever-mounting physical and emotional scars, mangled and torn by blades and bludgeons, screaming themselves awake from…

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Be your best self with time travel in Across The Grooves

Amongst the ludicrous number of games, demos, and announcements that piled onto my desk last week (note to self: buy a desk), there's a space reserved for Across The Grooves.This time travelling, introspective visual novel picked a thread of my affection and tugged at it in the midst of the noise of EGX. It's out now, and it looks as intriguing as I remember.

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West Of Dead is a twin-stick cover shooter, with cowboy Ron Perlman

I watched some footage of West Of Dead in action... this week? Last week? Who can remember these things. And it occurred to me that I've somehow never seen a twin-stick cover shooter until now.In case that's not enough to pique your interest, you play as an undead cowboy Ron Perlman. It looks bloody good, and it's out now.

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Feature: Lights, camera...

The best steam festival demos: ACTION

I can't keep up, readers. A constant hoseworth of new games is one thing, but between mega bundles and a dozen streaming events, this month has become an avalanche of games. The Steam Game Festival has flung heaps of promising games in our direction. Frankly, far too many of them look good. My brain cannot parse this kind of volume.So. Let's stick with the action…

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3 weeks ago

Feature: Say it with rockets

Rocket Arena preview: hands on with the new EA Originals 3v3 arena exploder

I don't like rocket jumping. It is silly. And yet, I had a good time with Rocket Arena, the upcoming online shooter, when I played in a closed preview event a bit over a week ago. It's coming on July 14 from Final Strike Games, via little known indie publisher Electronic Arts.The original version of Rocket Arena was a mod for Quake, which your dad…

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Night Of The Consumers is non-violent but still terrifying

I've barely made a dent in the Itch Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality, but I can already recommend Night Of The Consumers as a quick and rewarding intro into its daunting bounty of terrific games. It isn't a zombie game. The monsters are far worse than that. They are... ugh. Customers.

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Feature: Multiplayer online fighting arena

Smash your friends up in Combat Core

I'm pretty sure I skipped over Combat Core on release, and forgot to slip it into the "up to 3 friends" section of the "this looks good but" pile. I am a fool.Turns out it's pretty great. I've not played a Smash Brothers game since the gamecube, despite the daily racket as everyone played it outside the RPS treehouse over the last year. So I…

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The Iron Oath promises turn-based fights in a dynamic world

The first E3 I've ever had to pay attention to is upon us, except sort of not because it's all irregular and online. I am lost.But what's this? It is The Iron Oath, a pretty turn-based tactical RPG that promises dynamic campaigns and a world your little mercenary company can change over time as they go around it killing people. I suppose that'd do something…

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Dont let Master Spy sneak past you

I could use a lot of words and phrases to describe Master Spy that, when I read them in a game's description, tend to put me off. Retro. "Hardcore". Brutal. Platformer. Balaclava.And yet I enjoyed it so much that I almost pitched a review a few years back. It's tough, for sure, and I don't think it's the most approachable stealth platformer, but it feels…

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Dustborn is about smashing cops with words, bats

Red Thread Games, the studio behind Dreamfall Chapters and Draugen, have announced a new action adventure game, Dustborn, with a shiny trailer.It's a road trip game about a sooorta queer-coded group of misfits driving a mysterious cargo across America, chased by "fanatical Puritans" and blocked by "the authoritarian Justice". Also you're a folk-punk band, and must practice around the campfire for a showdown at Battle…

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Rearrange a lovely hand-drawn world in Carto

Carto has been in the works for a while, but it's on the final stretch now, as developers Sunhead Games announced an autumn 2020 launch, and slipped a new trailer into place next to the river, allowing us to... okay I should probably explain this one first.It's a puzzle game in which the land underneath you is made of large tiles. You play as Carto,…

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Humankind delayed to 2021

Civilization can take a moment to catch its breath, as the developers of upcoming lowercase-c civilisation 4X strategy game Humankind have quietly pushed its expected launch back to next year. It was previously due this year, but a new trailer today says 2021.Amplitude also put out a call to fans and prospective players to help them fine tune it, offering access to limited preview builds…

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4 weeks ago

Realm Of The Ghost King: the good roguelike

You could fill a stadium with games that deserve a bigger audience. This marks the third time I've written about Realm Of The Ghost King (including calling it one of the best unknown games of 2018, out of thousands). It's now part of the Itch Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality, and I hope it finally catches on.It is terrific. Even though it's a roguelike.…

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Hive Time is in the Itch Bundle now too

They've only gone and done it. Those maniacs. Hive Time is an obscure gem that squeaked into the very end of last year. It's a game where you be bees. Now it's part of what will surely be forever called simply The Bundle, mentioned only in hushed, reverent tones. Over 1000 developers have donated their games to the Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality, and…

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Odd Realm is a standout Dwarffortresslike. With Z levels.

In case you missed the news, the Itch Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality, already the best deal in the history of games, just keeps getting better. An actual more than a thousand games for under a fiver? Absolutely unmissable. And here's another reason why. I keep a list of games trying to do what Dwarf Fortress does. Unfortunately the nature of these games is…

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Elite Dangerous fleet carriers are live now

Fleet carriers have been officially brought over to Elite Dangerous proper, following their two beta tests over the last few months. Judging by the announcement they'll work much as they did during the second beta, effectively giving players their own space station to dock up to 16 ships at. They can be moved around the galaxy (though not piloted) by burning expensive tritium fuel, potentially…

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