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Autumn Wildlife Visitors

October brought more birds

This article was originally written for the RPS Supporter Program so autumn is slowly giving way to winter and the frogs are nowhere to be seen right now.

Here's a little autumnal update from my garden. It's all puffed-up sparrows darting from tree to roof to tree again, little blue tits and long-tailed tits investigating the apple tree, a few stray dragonflies looking for a late egg-laying spot, industrious spiders and browning vegetation. I'm only putting a few pictures here so not everything I've mentioned appears (I try to archive my pictures on this Tumblr if you wanted more) but they sum up the past few days:

The blue tits are so lovely and they turn up in a little gang every now and again to munch on the apples.

The sparrows are more partial to the blackberries. It's not the best picture of them but I love it when they cluster up and socialise.

I rescued this tiny frog from the front lawn when I was doing a mow this weekend. I hate mowing because I hate thinking about what I might be harming, although I try to clear as I go and give creatures a chance to get to hidey holes. as they get out of the way. This one I brought round to the pond and set it down so it could explore in relative safety!

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