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Have You Played... Star Trek: Hidden Evil?

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There have been many Star Trek games, and there have been many terrible Star Trek games, but there are a surprising number on the good list too. For every Starship Creator there's an Elite Force 2. And they even managed a good few adventures, high among them, Hidden Evil.

There was, it must be admitted, something thrilling about games coming out in '99 that so faithfully recreated the ongoing Next Generation franchise. It was in its movies phase by this point, but that didn't stop the main cast showing up to record voices for this game set nine months after the dreadful Star Trek: Insurrection.

Unlike other adventure titles featuring the various crews, this one had you play as an ensign working alongside Picard and Data in a surprisingly involved story that followed on from the events in the film. It also has some really splendid puzzles, up there with the best of the genre. The only downside is the use of the same shopping trolley controls as Grim Fandango.

It's a proper shame it's not available to buy on any digital stores, but there are always copies hovering around on eBay.

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