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Fight, or don’t, when combat adventure Unto The End launches in December

Challenging combat game Unto The End has announced its release date with another look at crossing swords with local monster baddies. It looks quite tough, which 2 Ton Studios have emphasised by saying that fights can be won or lost in just a couple hits, so you'd better make them count. With that in mind, they've actually shared some ways that you can avoid fighting…

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This RTX 2070 Razer laptop deal has everything you need for a full-on desktop replacement

There have been some great Black Friday gaming laptop deals this week so far, but this new £700 off deal from Ebuyer on one of Razer's Blade Pro 17 laptops arguably tops the lot of them, if only because the sheer number of extra goodies you get with it effectively turns it into a full-on desktop replacement. Indeed, not only are you getting a powerful…

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Black Friday 2020 SSD deals: all the best early NVMe and SATA deals

Black Friday week is full swing now, and there are more SSD deals to pick from than ever before - including our first Black Friday discount on Samsung's new 980 Pro SSD over in the US, and a new all-time low of just £80 for our favourite 1TB WD Blue SN550 drive. So, to help you secure the best savings on today's best SSDs for…

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Learn the secrets of Monkey Island with Ron Gilbert in this stream

In celebration of The Secret Of Monkey Island's 30th birthday last month (30!), the Video Game History Foundation held a stream discussing the classic adventure game with boss man Ron Gilbert. That cost $10 to help support their preservation work, but after a few weeks they've made it free for everyone to watch. Seeing as the Foundation are well into the development of games, not…

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Black Friday 2020 gaming monitor deals: the best 144Hz, 240Hz and ultrawide deals

Black Friday is finally here, and with it reams of fresh Black Friday gaming monitor deals, particularly if you live in the UK. To help you cut through the noise, we've rounded up our top Black Friday monitor picks below, including some great deals on Samsung's 240Hz CRG5 monitor in both the UK and US, and loads of great LG monitor deals as well across…

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SteelSeries’ Black Friday deals are much better than Amazon

Like me, a deals maniac, SteelSeries have obviously caught the Black Friday bug a wee bit early, because they've got some great member discounts on some of our favourite gaming mice, keyboards and headset picks - many of which beat the prices you'll find on Amazon this week. They're among some of the best Black Friday mouse and keyboard deals and Black Friday gaming headset…

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Square Enix to make working from home permanent

The pandemic has forced many companies to challenge their ideas about how they make games, especially about having everyone together in offices. Final Fantasy makers Square Enix shifted to working from home this year, and it's gone so well that they're choosing to open this up as a permanent option for many. They say this will let them increase flexibility and diversity, help with work-life…

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Death Stranding is 56% off in Fanatical’s Black Friday sale

As Black Friday edges ever closer, another PC game sale emerges from the fold. Fanatical have kicked off their Black Friday offers with some excellent discounts - including 56% off both Death Stranding and the new ultimate edition of Control. Fanatical's sale boasts 5336 deals in total, which is an awful lot. But fear not, I've had a rummage through and picked out a few…

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Milla Jovovich joins Monster Hunter: World in movie crossover

A Monster Hunter movie from the director of Resident Evil could never actually be like Monster Hunter the game... unless Capcom made the game like the movie. Which they are. They've announced a crossover event between Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and the upcoming movie, where we'll get to play as Milla Jovovich's character from the Paul W. S. Anderson flick and earn her armour for…

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WD’s 1TB Blue SN550 is down to just £80 right now for Black Friday

Merry Black Friday week to all you deals fiends out there, and what a trio of Black Friday SSD deals I have got lined up for you this morning. Over on Amazon UK, the 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB versions of the excellent WD Blue SN550 have been hit with some record-breaking price cuts. The main highlight here is the 1TB model on sale for just…

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Black Friday 2020 gaming mouse and keyboard deals: all the best early deals

Black Friday is just around the corner now, and even though there are a couple of days left before it officially kicks off on November 27th, you can get a new gaming keyboard or mouse on offer right now. Black Friday mice and keyboard deals are ramping up, with great discounts on RPS faves like the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse, which we reviewed as…

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Black Friday 2020 gaming headset deals: the best deals you can get right now

This year's Black Friday extravaganza is nearly upon us. Amazon have already kicked off their Black Friday deals in earnest, adding loads of brand new Black Friday gaming headset deals to their bag o' discounts. It's not just Amazon who have started their Black Friday celebrations, though, so if you're looking to grab a gaming headset on the cheap before the big rush on November…

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19 hours ago

The Brotherhood Of Steel are coming to Fallout 76 a week early

You'd think it'd be hard to get anywhere early, weighed down by all that power armour. And yet, despite all odds, the Brotherhood Of Steel has marched into Fallout 76 a little earlier than planned. After accidentally gifting Xbox players the gift of technophilic paladins, Bethesda have chosen to just give the update to everyone rather than roll back the update and have folks wait…

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20 hours ago

Microsoft Flight Sim’s second world update improves the USA

Yee-haw, pilots. Lasso the young'uns to their seats, because Microsoft Flight Simulator's next stop is the grand old US of A. The massive aviation sandbox just pushed its second world update, granting a number of states with improved resolutions, laying down some hand-crafted airports and 50 spruced-up points-of-interest to make your stateside tours an absolute treat.

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21 hours ago

A Total War Saga: Troy finally adds multiplayer this week

Like any good strategy game, A Total War Saga: Troy is a battle of wits between two seasoned commanders. But 'til now, Creative Assembly's Homeric army-smasher has only let you face the cold, calculating mind of its AI strategists. That changes with the commencement of Troy's multiplayer beta this Thursday, finally letting you bash heads with friends for control of the ancient Greek archipelago -…

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22 hours ago

Forget the stream leak, here’s a proper look at Cyberpunk 2077’s Nomad intro

With just over two weeks to go until Cyberpunk 2077 hits shelves, CD Projekt have slip another ratty VHS tape of footage under our office doors. Okay, so this one has "PlayStation" written all over it, but let's peel that sticker off and take this latest vid for what it is - a dusty, banged up showcase of the smuggling shenanigans, interrogations, and disorderly driving…

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23 hours ago

Red Dead Online launching a cheaper standalone version

For those who fancy the rootin' tootin' multiplayer shootin' of Red Dead Online but aren't too interested in the grudgin' trudgin' singleplayer buy-in of the full Red Dead Redemption 2 package, Rockstar have announced a standalone version of RDO. It's launching next week with an introductory price of $5 for several months, which, sure, is a price that'd get my interest. Not least of all…

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24 hours ago

Minecraft: Dungeons ascends the Howling Peaks with next month’s season pass

Hack 'n' slash 'n' mine 'n' crafter Minecraft: Dungeons is all kitted out for a winter of mountain climbing. The blocky dungeon-diver's next DLC, Howling Peaks, begins its expedition in just over two weeks - and with new baddies and bosses, it's not just vertigo you'll be watching out for. But Mojang have also stuffed a brand new season-pass into their backpack, for the square-headed…

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1 day ago

Black Friday 2020 PC gaming deals: the best deals you can get today

It's Day 2 of this year's Black Friday week, and the PC gaming deals continue to pour in from all corners of the internet. The good news is that we're here to help, as we've scoured the web for all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals going on right now to create our own RPS-approved curated list. From graphics cards, monitors and SSDs right…

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