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Samsung’s best SSDs are finally going cheap this week, with some returning to Black Friday prices

After last week's big sale on WD Black SSDs, this week's big SSD deals are all about Samsung. After weeks of prices inching higher and higher or just plain refusing to budge whatsoever, prices for Samsung's best SSDs have finally started to fall in the US. There are big discounts to be had on our current best SSD for gaming pick, the 860 Evo, and…

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Riot’s shiny new tactical shooter Valorant has launched

After a two-month closed beta, Riot's guns n' wizards shooter Valorant is now out for everyone to play. Valorant is the League Of Legends developer's first tactical FPS, pitting teams of five players against each other to capture objectives. It's very 'CS:GO meets Overwatch', and what's more, it's free-to-play. For those of you already embedded in the game, its full release today comes with some…

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SSD deals of the week – 2nd June 2020

Despite the ongoing coronavirus, SSD prices have generally dropped a little this week, making it a good a time as any to upgrade your PC with one of our best best SSD for gaming recommendations. That said, if you're in the UK, it's not a good time to buy the WD Black SN750, which has spiked once again after last week's Amazon sale. Still, even…

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15 hours ago

Fortnite’s next season might be headed underwater next week

You know how it goes, Fortnite is constantly changing up the map and events on its battle royale island and folks love to get a sneak peek at what's up next. This time around it's not a datamine that dug up the dirt. It seems that the PlayStation Store accidentally changed Fortnite's icon on its site to this, the battle bus floating over an endless…

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18 hours ago

Fairy Tail dishes out 24 minutes of gameplay before release next month

On the list of anime that were just a bit too action-y for teenage me is Fairy Tail, though of course that's part of what makes it a good candidate for an RPG spinoff. It's not the first time the series has been treated to a game adaption, but this will be its first proper PC release. Koei Tecmo are gearing up for July's release…

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19 hours ago

Gang Beasts is going it alone and self-publishing future updates

Silly wobble person fighting game Gang Beasts is going it alone, planning to self-publish future updates. Last year, Boneloaf's former publisher Double Fine Presents was bought up by Microsoft, eventually saying that continuing to be a publisher after being bought by a bigger publisher "doesn't make sense," and calling the new structure a "complicated issue." Looks like Gang Beasts will come out of the equation…

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20 hours ago

Madden NFL 21 announcement postponed as EA decry “unjust treatment and systemic bias”

Electronic Arts had planned to today announce Madden NFL 21, the latest annual sequel in their American football series. But in light of the protests, unrest, and violence in America right now after Minneapolis police killed unarmed Black man George Floyd, it didn't seem the time. "Our immediate attention is on actions we can take to drive change against the unjust treatment and systemic bias…

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21 hours ago

Get a Fus from the past in this Skyrim fan video and its 2012 SFX

Truly, Skyrim never dies. Its memes, one liners, and in-jokes are probably destined to plague our vocabulary until the end of time. Here's a deep cut for you all the way back from the annals of 2012. It's been reshared on Reddit once again because you can't really beat the silly friends reenact video games vibe. So I'm resharing it too and Fus Ro Dah…

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22 hours ago

Best Buy has two budget gaming laptops on sale today, but only one is worth buying

If you want a gaming laptop, but don’t want to go spend more than a grand doing so, then Best Buy is well worth a look today. The site has cut $130 and $150 off two gaming laptops which were both under $1000 to begin with, but take a closer look at their specs and you'll see that one is much better value than the…

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Paradox have opened a new studio focused on grand strategy games

Paradox Interactive today announced the opening of Paradox Tinto, a new Spanish studio who will focus primarily on grand strategy games. Led by a Paradox veteran with two decades of gran estrategia under his belt, the studio based in Barcelona will initially help out with ongoing work on Europa Universalis IV then later start making new grand strategies of their own. No hints yet at…

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This 16GB Corsair RAM kit is the cheapest it’s been for ages

If you're after some more RAM for your PC, then you'd do well to have a gander at this 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX set over on Amazon UK, where it's the lowest price it's been for months. Sure, at £65, the discount on Amazon's product page only says you're saving a fiver at the moment, but our price trackers show that you would have paid…

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24 hours ago

E3 2020’s schedule and streams, or Summer Games Fest, or… whatever this is

June is here but E3 is not, with the games expo's cancellation leaving the the industry without an anchor for the year's big announcements and marketing blasts. E3's organisers are not planning an online replacement of their own, so instead a load of different small expos, festivals, and marketing blasts will be filling in this year. While E3 and the surrounding blast are done inside…

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1 day ago

Minecraft Dungeons is getting cross-platform multiplayer

I'm really enjoying Minecraft Dungeons, and my only real criticism of it right now is that there just aren't enough levels to explore. That won't be the case as of next month, however, because the game's first DLC, Jungle Awakens is dropping in July. On top of that, Mojang have announced they're working on bringing cross-platform multiplayer to Minecraft Dungeons, as well as a bunch…

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Graphics card deals of the week – 1st June 2020

Pinch, punch, first of the month, graphics card deal hunters. Unfortunately, the turning of the calendar means we bid farewell to the free games offer that made AMD-flavoured graphics cards such exceptional value. While they still offer more bang for their buck than their Nvidia-branded counterparts, the gap is much closer than it was last week. Graphics card prices have, on average, ticked up a…

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Warzone players are exploiting a glitch that turns them into cheating snakes

War is all fun and games, until a bunch of people figure out how to turn into snakes. By exploiting a glitch in Call Of Duty: Warzone, it's currently possible to appear as if you're lying prone when you are in fact standing up, letting you hide behind a wall while invisibly shooting people. It is a bit funny, but also frustrating and game-breaking. The…

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2 days ago

Factorio brings release date forwards to avoid clashing with Cyberpunk 2077

If anything was going to throw a wrench into Factorio's meticulously manufactured mechanisms, you'd never think it was a punk'd up cyborg in a leather jacket. Yet, even as they powered full-steam towards release, the folks at Wube Software have decided Cyberpunk 2077's launch-day noise risks drowning out their contraptions. This week, the developers announced plans to bring Factorio out of early access five weeks…

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Photography, boomerang knives and a night out in hell

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Summer is here, but it's both far too warm and a little too infectious to bother with all that "going outside" nonsense. Let's go see what the world of videogames are up to over on our favourite Twitter hashtag instead. This week: A stroll through the woods, panic platforming, knife-fights in the jungle and a disco inferno.

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Hammerting digs in for this year’s launch with a new trailer

It's been a while since we've heard a good rumbling from the Dwarves at Hammerting - but then, you don't tend to hear from the bearded lot unless they've riled up a dragon or dug into hell. A year on, under newfound stewardship with the mountain lords at publishers Team 17, Hammerting developers Warpzone Studios have finally emerged from the forges with a new trailer…

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