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Could someone remake my favourite 90s games please?

Who needs new?

With Full Throttle's remastering out yesterday, it sets me off to thinking about what games I'd really like to see receive a similar treatment. It's pretty easy to list off a bunch of other LucasArts adventures, because I would ADORE to see the wonderful The Dig in big pretties, or have Sam & Max in gorgeous clear stereo sound. (Imagine the songs without the hissing!) But that was a decade packed with games I loved that I know I'll never play again, because I can't be arsed fighting with DOSBox and ancient controls to play in a small corner of my screen.

The first game that comes to mind is Stonekeep. It's out on GOG, Steam, and so on, and it's definitely playable. But imagine if it were playable. Imagine if it were like booting up Legend Of Grimrock. I'd be exploring without fighting against it. What a treat.

Or there's Spycraft: The Great Game. Oddly enough that was released on Steam this week, but it's still far too clumsy to get on with now. I keep trying - I once went back to it before it was on GOG and the like by rigging up my PC to a time machine. I've tried very hard. Imagine the game in swishy modern windows, improved video, less confusing tools. Yes please.

I find that nostalgia creeps in, making me want to see prettied up versions of games that perhaps weren't the greatest. You could more sensibly argue that Syndicate or Sim City 2000 might be first on the list, but I find myself wanting a reworking of Betrayal At Krondor. More for the time of my life it represents, the incredibly happy memories I have of playing it with my late father. But it looks like such crap now.

Or Realms Of The Haunting. Was that rubbish? I remember it was terrifying, but when I've played it more recently I can't feel the fear for the textures.

But I'm much more interested to know your suggestions, human reader. What are the games that you want to see not re-released, not followed up, but just remade, shot-for-shot, in prettier graphics with crisper sound?

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