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Dontnod's Twin Mirror reflects on a December release with a new trailer

Mirror, mirror, in my head.

It's been all quiet on the Twin Mirror front for some time now - but after a good deal of introspection, Dontnod reckon their upcoming mental mystery is just about ready. As the studio's next narrative thriller (and the first one they're publishing themselves), Twin Mirror's mind palace opens its doors to a supernatural investigation this December.

No sooner have Dontnod wrapped up one twin-tastic story in Tell Me Why, than they've announced a release for their next one. Granted, leading man Sam's twin, The Double, isn't exactly a sibling. Or real, actually.

Once again, Dontnod are taking us to small-town USA for a supernatural mystery. This time, we're following former journalist Sam Higgs as he attempts to piece together his shattered life following tragedy. Luckily, working in media's given him the miraculous ability to perfectly picture scenes and spaces in his head, letting him not only recall past scenes, but also predict the future to a degree.

Alice B checked out an early demo of Twin Mirror back at Gamescom 2018, kicking off with a real Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy moment of waking up covered in someone else's blood. The crux of the game is in swapping in and out of a very literal "mind palace" - a very physical mental space where everything looks a wee bit Superhot - to solve investigations, swapping objects in and out to reconstruct events a la BBC's Sherlock.

Twin Mirror will hit PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store on December 1st, with a Steam launch likely to follow a year later.

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