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Picboy: Here's A Fallout 4 Annotated Gallery For You

40 only slightly blurry screenshots

There was a trailer for a new videogame today. The internet seemed quite taken with it. We don't actually know much about Fallout 4 at this stage, but I went through the trailer scene by scene to see what confirmations and implications I could glean from it. 40-odd screengrabs below, with annotation wibble for each. Click on any one of them for a 1080p version and gallery thinger (though bear in mind they're grabs from a trailer so aren't exactly After Eight-crisp.)

Here's the trailer if you missed it.

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Now, let's go go screenshots:

The song at the start, It's All Over But The Crying, by the Inkspots (the 1930s group whose I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire was used in Fallout 3 promotion). Here's the full version:

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Nuclear death puns abound - check out the television name and the boardgame. Did these people really have no idea what was about to happen to them.

What's that, Lassie? The entire country has collapsed into a post-nuclear wasteland? What a lustrous coat you have, though.

This shiny household robot will almost certainly attack you later on, as per usual.

Aw, ickle doggy has empathy for long-dead human overlords.

As a father am I outraged by the implications of this scene and will be writing to my local MP forthwith.

Here's our first look at the old wasteland. Looks pretty suburban, this bit.

And, juat like that, colour. So much colour. Those who struggled with Fallout 3's infinite sea of brown and grey might be tempted back, presuming the colours aren't restricted to flashback scenes like this.

...Because the game's present day definitely looks like Brown Skyrim here.

And this looks like someone made an Archie mod for Skyrim.

It seems that the Brotherhood of Steel - or some local equivalent - had some manner of foothold pre-bombs here. Are they stopping these poor shmoes from reaching the fallout shelters?

This time we're going to be a pilgrim from Vault 111, it appears.

Potentially this will be our first sight once we're let out of the vault, presumably after an extremely long-winded and heavily scripted tutorial section which someone will mod out within a matter of hours.

When The Bombs Fell. Have we actually seen the fall of America in a Fallout game before? And are we going to get to relive it somehow, or is this just Fancy Promotional Gubbins?

My screenshot order got jumbled here, so we've skipped ahead to a view of what will presumably be a major hub settlement, which a later shot shows to be named Diamond City.

A vast iron settlement, a little reminiscent of the waterbound one in Fallout 3. Expect trouble if you try to talk through that gate without buttering up the right people first, no doubt.

Trolleys confirmed. Quite deadly trolleys, potentially.

Now: will we get to fly this thing? Given the Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim introduced the idea of airborne travel across Bethesda's open worlds, I don't entirely see why not. And that is a most tantalising prospect.

Some manner of new mutant, a sort of dinosaur-sheep.? Update: oh sorry, it's a returning Deathclaw.

Signs of green life in the wasteland. Has the timeline moved forwards, is the tech getting better, or are the artists wanting more room for manoeuvre this time?

A somewhat coastal feel to this scene. It's brown, yes, but it suggests more visual variety.

Aha, now this is promising. We're clearly looking at the game's post-apocalyptic present-day rather than a flashback, but there's tons of colours there. Paint, clearly, can survive the end of the world, and thank goodness for that.

Plenty of implications of terrible things here - cages and skeletons and sinister men.

I'm guessing this is a Brahmin, although I can't spy the second head. Tons of detail here compared to Fallout 3, at any rate.

And... Fallout does BioShock, by way of Moonwalker. This is the most exciting shot as far as I'm concerned: a big departure, a hefty slice of Noirish cool, plenty of colour.

All sorts going on here - an old ship with rocket engines fitted to it and a bank in its underbelly. Strange and unpredictable visual flair like this is what I want.

Word is that the city shown here is Boston, which suggests at the very least a New England setting for Fallout 4. If it's doing the State and not just Boston, we Brits can get a kick out visiting Ruined Manchester, Ruined York, Ruined Plymoth and Ruined Worcester (I'm from Worcester in the UK, donchaknow).

More trashed Boston skyline.

A zeppelin! More implications of flight. They wouldn't just make that stuff background scenery, would they?

Mr Dog is back, red bricks are still red, Nuka Cola still abounds.

A Brotherhood of Steel-style suit seems to be mid-construction here. I wonder if this implies heightened crafting in Fallout 4, given the next shot vaguely imply the garage this is being built in is some sort of base for the player.

Blue skies. Oh yes, oh yes please. Colour and lighting: adventure rather than mere squalor.

And here's how Fallout 4's Pipboy will look. It's almost as ostentatious as an iWatch.

But can you play as the dog?

It says PC down there on the lower right, just in case you were worried. Hooray!

More to come at Bethesda's E3 conference on June 14, basically. What do you want to hear/see/have roundly disconfirmed?

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