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Sister Location Is Probably Five Nights At Freddy's 5

Five Nights At Freda's?

Well, despite creator Scott Cawthon's suggestion that Five Nights At Freddy's 4 would be "the final chapter" of the juggernaut of jump scares, it seems things are going on. A new game is being teased on his website. The title, written across a robotic toy face, appears to be Sister Location, and that's joined by the tagline, "There was never just one." A spin-off? That's the implication, certainly, unless this is simply FNAF5.

The first three FNAF games had you playing a security guard, using security cameras to help evade a grisly death at the hands of animatronic creatures that come to life at night. The fourth rather switched gears to feature a young kid being attacked by animatronic beasties in his own imagination/house/at the pizzeria. So what the title of the fifth refers to, this Sister Location, is a little mysterious. Although good money says there's another FredBear's out there, in another location, letting the whole nonsense start off again.

The success of the series is clearly well-earned, but something that's entirely passed me by. To give some idea of the community that's out there for this series, Cawthon has created a placeholder Twitter account that he's never used, and that has 85,000 followers. He's a popular guy. Warner are apparently developing a movie based on FNAF. Feeling old?

Cawthon was briefly slightly less popular after the disastrous release and subsequent unrelease of RPG spin-off, Five Nights At Freddy's World. Identified as rushed, and not to the standard he wanted, Hawthon yoinked it back in January and got Steam to give everyone a refund. Then released it for free. So he's presumably planning to take a bit more time with whatever Sister Location might be, hence the tease rather than sudden release.

The games previously came out at a tremendous pace, with all four of them in less than a year. However, with the distraction of FNAFW, it's been nine months since 4 was released. What's Cawthon doing?! Lazy bastard. Probably rolling around in piles of money rather than developing hit games faster than any other human alive. Point being, it seems unlikely there will be a long stretch of pre-release blarb - I imagine Sister Location will be scaring the young people by the Summer.

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