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Free-to-play brawler Rumbleverse launches with two new modes

The game's first season will begin next week

Free-to-play battle royale brawler Rumbleverse is now available on the Epic Games Store. It comes with two additional modes not seen in the pre-launch playtests: the chance to pair up with a pal in Duos and a sort of free roam practice mode called Playground.

Rumbleverse is a 40-person battle royale mostly focused on melee combat. Ollie was surprised by just how much he enjoyed it back in December. "I went in expecting to say 'nope, not for me' after a couple of games. Instead the deluge of endorphins offered by this silly-looking game completely swept me off my feet," he wrote.

He did mention that he wasn't sure whether the melee-ness of it all would lend itself to squad-based play, even though at the time there was no word on whether or not there would be squadding at all. Since then, of course, we've learned there will be, and it's making its debut alongside the game proper.

"It could work, but I can also easily see the game becoming frustrating in situations where enemy players gang up on you and stun-lock you with the right rhythm of moves," was Ollie's worry. Now that folks have their hands on the game, only time will tell if that's a valid fear.

The other new mode, Playground, offers a chance to practice with sparring robots, take training lessons, or just to wander about Grapital City for a bit.

The developers have also announced that its battle pass season one will begin in a week, on Thursday, August 18th. However, anything you do this week will still count towards it when it launches, so there's no harm in getting in early. Ollie did mention he was having some minor connection issues shortly after launch, but it seems to be doing better now.

Rumbleverse is available for free now from the Epic Games Store. You can also check out some of our other freebie favourites in our list of best free PC games.

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