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Battle royale brawler Rumbleverse launches from its cannon on August 11th

It’s a free-to-play free-for-all

Fresh off the back of last weekend’s final network stress test, 40-person brawler battle royale Rumbleverse has revealed it will finally be going live on August 11th. Devs Iron Galaxy say that season one will begin a week later on August 18th. Put up your dukes and get ready to go toe-to-toe when you watch the trailer below.

Rumbleverse is a very bouncy battle royale brawler coming to PC on August 11th.Watch on YouTube

Set in the ridiculously named Grapital City, Rumbleverse pits fighters against each other until only one is left standing in true battle royale fashion. The difference here is that combat is entirely melee-based, with fighters launched out of a cannon at the start of every match. Smashing crates around the map gives your fighter access to new weapons and upgrades to employ in brawls. I like a good dose of verticality in my games, and this seems to have some epic smackdown potential.

Rumbleverse was announced at last year's Game Awards in December. The game had been due to launch in early access back on February 8th, but was delayed indefinitely in January. Refunds were issued to people who’d pre-ordered. Following some network tests and extra work, Rumbleverse now seems to be back on track. Iron Galaxy have a decent fighting game pedigree, having taken over the modern Killer Instinct from Double Helix Games for that game’s second and third seasons.

RPS rated Rumbleverse as one of our 43 most anticipated games of 2022 in January. Ollie really got on well with Rumbleverse’s solo mode when he played it last year too. “I've sunk thousands of hours into Apex Legends, Fortnite, Plunkbat, Hunt: Showdown, Warzone, and various other behemoths of the genre,” he said. “Yet those two hours I spent playing Rumbleverse might be the most fun I've ever had in a battle royale.”

Rumbleverse is out on the Epic Games Store on August 11th, with season one kicking off on August 18th – no details on the battle pass yet, though. It’s also coming to PlayStations and Xboxes with full crossplay and cross-progression. There’s more info about the game on the official site here.

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