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Battle royale brawler Rumbleverse is shutting down later this month

This comes six months after launch

Epic Games and Iron Galaxy have announced they’re sunsetting their melee battle royale Rumbleverse, six months after launch. Live services will go offline on February 28th at 4PM GMT/10AM CST/11AM ET. In a blog post from the team, Iron Galaxy shared that Season Two will be Rumbleverse’s last, but it should be receiving one final update soon to remove the game's monetisation. This continues the trend of me discovering a new battle royale game, thanks to the announcement of its death.

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Rumbleverse’s final update seems like a genuinely nice way for the community to say goodbye, without the grind of a live service. The in-game store will be closed, every player will have access to the current Battle Pass and double-XP gains will be enabled to fast-track unlocks. The blog post mentions upcoming live streams where players will get the chance to play with the devs and learn more about the behind-the-scenes stories of Rumbleverse.

If you’ve spent any money in or on the free-to-play brawler, it’ll be eligible for a refund on all platforms. This includes refunds for the Battle Pass and any purchases of in-game currency Brawlla Bills (Brawl Bill seems like a cool name for any boxers called Bill out there). Iron Galaxy have promised a refund information FAQ page will be shared soon, and it'll likely go live on their official website's FAQ section.

Iron Galaxy published a separate open letter, thanking the fans for their support: “We even passed around the art you’ve created to immortalize your best moments in the streets.” The end of the letter leaves the door open for future games in the Rumbleverse world (Rumbleverse-verse?), saying “You may not yet have seen the Rumble in its final form,” and “If we can welcome people back onto the deck of the battle barge again, we hope you’ll be there.”

All in all, Rumbleverse’s closure doesn’t feel as unceremonious as other live-service shutdowns. Players have a few more weeks to enjoy the game hassle-free and celebrate with the devs, too. That’s heartening since it's apparently very good. In his early impressions, Ollie said the “two hours I spent playing Rumbleverse might be the most fun I've ever had in a battle royale.”

If you want to check it out before it’s too late, Rumbleverse is a free-to-play download on the Epic Games Store.

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