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Morphies Law

1 year ago

Body-ballooning shooter Morphie’s Law is now out on PC

Mind when games had big head mode? Morphie's Law: Remorphed is a bit like that, but with your character's whole body. The RPS treehouse have had our eyes on this body-morphing multiplayer game for a while: it's a third-person shooter where blasting someone's body-part causes it to shrink and yours to grow. For example - shot someone in the foot? Congratulations, you'll be needing bigger…

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Morphies Law: Remorphed expands onto PC this month

Morphies Law: Remorphed has appeared like a background extra on RPS over the past two years, with only fleeting glimpses of this strange multiplayer shooter where you exchange mass with other players. But here it is. The star of the show. The main playa. It’s arriving on PC on July 30th, so let’s see what this team-based shooter has to offer.

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3 years ago

Mass-stealing shooter Morphies Law is growing nicely

Oh Morphies Law [official site] is one of those face-shooting games, aye? Well! Yes, the upcoming multiplayer third-person shooter is a face-shooter, but it's one where shooting a face gives you a giant face. Morphies Law has the novel idea of stealing mass, see, as shooting an opponent will shrink the bodypart you hit while making your own grow bigger. Shoot heads for a big…

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4 years ago


Morphies Law: An FPS Where You Shoot To Grow In Size

Of all the games I've seen during this year's E3, Morphies Law [Twitter page] is the most immediately exciting - and it's not a game that's actually at E3. It's a "body morphology" first-person shooter, where the mass from enemies' limbs is transferred to your equivalent limb when you shoot them. This leads to giants doing battle with other players the size of their foot,…

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