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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Little Hope review

Witch do you prefer?


3 weeks ago

The Dark Pictures Anthology’s next horror story is House Of Ashes

Horror anthology The Dark Pictures is apparently jumping even further back in time for its next spook story. Little Hope just launched last week, taking a group of students and their professor to a town haunted by the ghosts of witch trials past. A post-credits scene in Little Hope contains a teaser trailer for the next chapter: House Of Ashes, which will haul some modern-day…

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Feature: Witch do you prefer?

Little Hope review

Little Hope is the second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of interactive horror games trying to build on the popularity of 2015's Until Dawn. In it, you play as a college field trip group (three teenage students, one mature, and a professor, and I bet some of you already have that in your search history). After a mysterious bus crash, the group…

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4 weeks ago

The Dark Pictures Anthology continues with Little Hope today

Supermassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn, return today with a new branching horror story, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. This time, they're sending hapless students to an abandoned American town with a dark history of witch trials. Oh you bet they're getting a spooking! It supports co-op so your pals can join in making foolish decisions leading to their deaths too, make a…

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5 months ago

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope is due on October 30th

Light horror fans rejoice, for The Dark Pictures Anthology - Little Hope cometh. The second game in a planned series of eight, this witchy tale is probably best thought of as a very fancy form of interactive fiction.As expected, it's a self-contained story presented by the vaguely menacing Curator, who challenges the player to decide how each story goes. Your choices and reflexes will ideally…

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The next Dark Pictures Anthology chapter shows off seven minutes of spooks

The next spooky bedtime story game from Supermassive Games has conjured some new witch-y gameplay. Little Hope is the second in the spooky choose-your-own-movie The Dark Pictures Anthology series. As with Man Of Medan, this new gameplay video shows the new protagonists ambling about, disagreeing about whether or not something weird is going on around here (it is), and getting in way over their dense horror…

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6 months ago

The Dark Pictures Anthology’s witchy second chapter is delayed

Until Dawn developers Supermassive Games today announced that they're delaying the second chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope. The realities of a 200-person team working from home mean yeah, bit of a hold-up. Previously due this summer, the second of their eight interactive horror stories is now expected in the autumn. Hey, that's a far more fitting season for unsuspecting college students to…

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7 months ago

The next Dark Pictures Anthology episode tackles wicked witches this summer

Interactive horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology plunged into the depths of the ocean in its first episode Man Of Medan. The next horrific tale is headed to somewhere in small town North America to get tangled up in the spooky history of witch hunting. A new trailer hints at some of the dark forces at play: dark magic, religious fervor, and maybe actual demons?…

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