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The Dark Pictures Anthology's witchy second chapter is delayed

Working from home got in the way

Until Dawn developers Supermassive Games today announced that they're delaying the second chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope. The realities of a 200-person team working from home mean yeah, bit of a hold-up. Previously due this summer, the second of their eight interactive horror stories is now expected in the autumn. Hey, that's a far more fitting season for unsuspecting college students to visit a small American town with a history of murderous witch hunts.

Pete Samuels, the CEO of Supermassive Games (not to be confused with Supergiant Games obvs, the makers of Bastion), said in today's statement:

"Our priority has been to keep people safe, and that includes actors and stage crews on whose talent we depend so heavily, other workforces external to our business who all help to create the games we make, and all of the talented people that work within our studio. We will continue to follow government and industry body advice and will only embark on any element of development when such advice tells us that it is safe to do so."

Sensible. With Supermassive's flavour of virtual horror movie so reliant on motion capture and voice acting, yep, that'll be a problem too. For now, this trailer from April shows some of what's waiting in Little Hope:

I dug The Dark Pictures Anthology's predecessor, the PlayStation-exclusive Until Dawn, but never got around to this one. What I did see seemed less interesting? Our Sin was disappointed the game spend so much time in dingy identical corridors, but was overall satisfied in her Man Of Medan review.

"I rarely get to play interactive fiction with such strong production values, especially with all the variation and replay value on offer," she said. "I'm on board. I enjoyed this one, and if Supermassive Games continue on trend, I'm optimistic for the rest of the series."

Witches will definitely get me looking again. Good VVitch-y English accent there too.

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