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The Dark Pictures Anthology's next horror story is House Of Ashes

Sumerian spook fest

Horror anthology The Dark Pictures is apparently jumping even further back in time for its next spook story. Little Hope just launched last week, taking a group of students and their professor to a town haunted by the ghosts of witch trials past. A post-credits scene in Little Hope contains a teaser trailer for the next chapter: House Of Ashes, which will haul some modern-day military folks out to be haunted by Sumerian myths.

The teaser for House Of Ashes sets up more creepy, unknowable enemies fueled by the past. It looks like a group of military folks have wandered in someplace they really shouldn't have, the underground ruins of a Sumerian burial site. They've come prepared with guns, though I suspect shooting into a dark cave like that's a bit ill-advised. According to the teaser, House Of Ashes will be arriving in 2021.

Folks have pointed out that the woman up top there looks quite a bit like Ashley Tisdale, former star of many things including High School Musical. Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games haven't confirmed her involvement, but yeah it sure does look like her, doesn't it?

As for the part of the anthology that's just released, Alice B's Little Hope review says that it's better than the first story Man Of Medan but "I wouldn’t say it reaches the heights of being actually good." As for the scares, "events start to take on a familiar rhythm, such that you know when to expect scares and stop reacting to them," Alice says. "It’s a shame, because the monsters themselves are decently scary, especially the way they’re introduced with lots of tight close ups of the particular ways their bodies are broken or otherwise horrific."

She says the best way to play Little Hope is with a friend, smashing salty snacks and not being too caught up in the seriousness. I've yet to play Little Hope, but I found the same to be true of Man Of Medan, personally. Doing a bit of spooky co-op and hurriedly debating choices with a friend is the real draw in my book.

If Man Of Medan was alright and Little Hope is a bit better, maybe there's moderate hope that House Of Ashes will be better yet than that. We'll find out when it launches in 2021.

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