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Have You Played... Candleman?

Burn, baby, burn.

Candleman is a very sweet puzzle game where you play as something comparatively small in a world of normal objects, so even e.g. a book represents quite an obstacle. Don't even talk to me about a stack of books.

You start in the bowels of a ship, full of dangerous machinery swinging about, and burning furnaces. You find a magical library with floating books. a Strange sort of garden full of luminous flowers, and dark water, and throughout this there are whole stretches where you can't see anything.

These things aren't necessarily leaps and bounds beyond the levels you'll get in a lot of cute little platformers. But Candleman has a twist, because you are a tiny little candle in a metal holder that has little tappy feet. And you have a light, so as well as having to avoid wind and water, you only have ten seconds of light in you.

This means that the dark parts of levels present significant danger. Do you burn a load of your precious time - your precious self, in fact - or do you try and memorise the level in front of you in tiny bursts? How near the end are you? When was your last checkpoint? Help me, I'm meeeeeeeltiiiiing.

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