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Have You Played... Commander Blood?

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Bob Morlock, the oldest being in the known universe, in is about to pass away. Before he departs this mortal plane, he wants to see the Big Bang. Yeah, that Big Bang. It's your job to take him there using a high-tech ship known only as the Ark. In fact, that’s why you were created. Better get to it, then.

That’s the gist of 1994's Commander Blood, easily one of the most bizarre experiences one could ever have in PC gaming.

An odd amalgam of FMV sequences, branching conversational paths and live-action puppeteering, Commander Blood was a staple of my youth. I never quite understood it as a child, but it never ceased being compelling. When I finally completed it as an adult, it quickly became one of my favourite games.

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Traveling to various planetary systems, interacting with the inhabitants of the planets you find yourself on, and clicking through conversations is oddly soothing though, and Commander Blood is loads more welcoming than its predecessor Captain Blood. From the danceable synth-pop of the game’s opening FMV sequence to the sassy ship computer Honk, it’s a mad, mad ride, but one you should absolutely embark on.

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