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Have You Played... Crash Time III?

Split personality

I feel almost certain you haven't. And you almost definitely shouldn't. But I can never stop loving that they somehow made three driving games with this name, and yet they all strongly forbade crashing.

It's actually about being a pair of cops who chase criminals, BUT NEVER CRASH INTO THEM. The pair are Semir and Ben, and the best thing in the whole wide world is that they're both voiced by THE SAME GUY. The conversations are amazing!

You can hear it here, at 4:24. And throughout:

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I like to interpret this otherwise very middling racer as a game about the cognitive breakdown of a single cop, who breaks himself into two personalities in order to cope with some significant crisis in his past.

That's all I have for this, really, if I'm honest. It was a super-bland racer, but worthy of note because of its incredibly ridiculous name, and deserving of infinite celebration because of the wonderful choice to localise a German game with just one actor. More of this sort of thing please.

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