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Have You Played... Fruit Ninja VR?

Top chopping

It's hard not to feel cool when you've got a sword in each hand. Even if you only use them to chop fruit.

Fruit Ninja is a mobile game about slicing falling mangoes before they can touch the ground. Fruit Ninja VR is the same, but, yunno, in VR. It is a squillion times better.

You'll start slowly. Maybe you'll rely on the one sword, and small, only-just-precise-enough slashes. Baby chops.

Then the space in front of you will become more apple than air, and you'll have to get your other blade involved. You'll begin chaining strikes together in elegant swoops that bisect every blasted banana. You'll start kebabing melons for bonus points. Before you know it you'll try to show off to the robot that's firing fruit at you by doing the pirouettey slashy thing they do in the movies, forgetting that the people in the movies don't have to worry about Vive cables.

Then you'll swap to the zen mode. Or just have a lie down.

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