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Have You Played... Fury Of The Furries?

N.b. in-game they're called 'Tinies'

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

No sniggering at the back, please. This is/was a mid-90s puzzle-platformer starring a group of big-footed fuzzballs with special powers that differed depending on the colour of their fur. It was irritating and it was ingenious in equal parts, and I can almost imagine the colour-shifting-based puzzling and grappling hooks and wall-chomping working well now.

Imagine this approached with Owlboy-levels of finesse and charm, instead of the random hodge-podge of broad cultural references crammed into Fury Of The Furries.

But God, I fell for this hard at the time. I guess it was the last vestiges of my purely child brain responding to the cutsey cartoon imagery of the lead characters, while my more adult brain dug the relative complexity of its action-puzzling, which felt like a meaningful escalation from the running and jumping of console fare of the time.

It's odd though, Fury Of The Furries took essentially permanent residence of a corner of my brain right up until a few years ago - I've written about it couple of times on this site before - but, at some point in the recent past, that changed.

I think, perhaps, it is something to do with how ruthlessly today's popular cultural mines my generation's nostalgia, and this is a something I grow increasingly uncomfortable with. In Fury Of The Furries' case, I simply cannot apply any rose-tint to a very minor love from my past now, and as such it no longer seems to matter at all. My thirteen-year-old self would be heartbroken.

Someone's planning a remake, aren't they?

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