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Have You Played... Kitty Powers' Love Life

Love is a drag

Good morning and welcome to just another regular day. What better way to celebrate either being in a relationship or being alone than by toying with the love lives of tiny cartoony people? Kitty Powers' Love Life it is, eh?

Love Life is a standalone sequel to Kitty Powers' Matchmaker. In the latter you had to run a dating agency and engineer successful blind dates. In this, you move on to the next stage, as it were, as new couples move in together in a village under your control. Couples make friends, go on dates together, and come to relationship therapy sessions with you.

Your little blob-nosed friends are all procedurally generated, so they all have slightly different interests and traits. They're also all utterly incapable of doing anything by themselves. You have to help them with conversations, proposals, and even arguments, in the form of cute little mini games. A fight is a game of blackjack. That kind of thing. But it means that if you're in a vindictive mood you can relentlessly break everyone up. Although you probably won't progress very far in the game if you do.

This is all against the backdrop of Kitty Powers herself, the drag queen alt of developer Richard Franke, making vaguely Carry On flavoured oo-ers involving words like "throbbing". It'd be great if she, just one time, said something like "This guy looks like he has a massive penis, if you know what I mean!" but alas, I never heard it when I played.

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