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Have You Played... Legendary Gary?

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Legendary Gary is a game about a super boring dude named Gary. By day he works in a vacuous supermarket. By night, he spends his precious time off playing an RPG called Legend Of The Spear in his Mum's dimly-lit basement. The RPG features isometric gameplay and a cast of characters pulling from Gary's limited roster of friends and family.

Over time, Gary's world and the RPG world start to blend. Conversations Gary has at work play into his experiences in Legend Of The Spear, until even the small garden growing out the back of his Mum's house starts to play a role. As the story unfolds you'll see the lengths to which Gary will go to make his ordinary existence less mundane. It's a rather touching tale about how games can offer much-needed escapism, but how ultimately, they cannot stand in for real-life relationships.

Legendary Gary features gorgeous hand-drawn art and a dreamy bedroom indie soundtrack that give it a really unique vibe. The combat has its own flavour too, allowing you to rewind encounters as you progress. Your party grows over time, with each new acquaintance offering a slightly different skill set. These colourful characters in Legend Of The Sword are designed to represent characters from Gary's life, and each is wrestling with demons that give some extra context to Gary's current situation.

We've all been through moments where life seems to be at a standstill, so in that respect Gary is a frighteningly relatable fellow. If you're into mopey existentialism and RPGs, this is definitely worth checking out.

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