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Have You Played... Lego Island?

Lego Nightmares

I’m not sure if me playing Lego Island really happened or if it was a fever dream. Even watching back videos of the game, I still can’t believe it was a thing. Let alone a thing I sunk a load of time into. Let alone as thing I spent a lot of time with as a child. It’s nightmare fuel.

I was only a few months away from my fourth birthday when the game was released in 1997. But it features yellow people ripping their limbs off and spinning their heads all the way round? It’s bonkers and also terrifying. Even the music is wild.

Try listening to this outrageous Italian accent. It sounds like the accent my friends speak to me in because I’m the resident Italian in my friendship group (and I’m not even that Italian), but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sound like some of my family members.

This world seemed absolutely huge to me when I played it all those years ago, but it looks so tiny now. I almost wish I hadn't watched any of this back, because not only does it confirm it is 100% real and not a fever dream, but it has also reminded me just how bloody creepy it was. And yet, I kinda want to give it another go. Our next Let’s Play on the YouTube channel, maybe?

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