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Have You Played... Little Girl In Underland?

Soviet McGee's Alice

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

Little Girl In Underland imagines a universe where Soviet Russia discovered a copy of American McGee's Alice and decided to make their own version of it. I like this version more than American McGee's.

Created for TIGSource's Bootleg Demake competition, it's a free point-and-click adventure game. Cast into Wonderland, you're given a succession of weapons with which to slaughter a series of capitalist symbols.

It's short and straightforward - there are no real puzzles - but it's charming thanks in main to the art. It, and the game's writing and design, are by Erin Robinson, who would later create Gravity Ghost.

The thing that impressed me most at the time was that every character in it is voiced, which seemed ridiculous for a free jam game. In retrospect the voice cast is pretty impressive, too. Recorded at an Adventure Game Studio community meetup, aside from Robinson it includes Francisco González (now the developer of Ben Jordan and Shardlight), award-winning IF author Brendan Hennessy, comic author Jess Fink, AdventureX conference founder Mark Lovegrove and more.

The game doesn't appear to be available to download anymore, but you can take a trip down memory lane with its TIGSource thread.

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