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Have You Played... Old Gods Rising?

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Old Gods Rising came out relatively recently, but I'm asking if you have played it because I think more people should.

It's a first person exploration game with a few puzzles, where you play as a disgraced TV historian (as in, historian who had a TV show not a historian specialising in TV) who has been called to serve as the expert on a film set. The filming is taking place at a small and obscure UK university. Except when you turn up, the place is deserted. The director calls you on a long range walkie talkie and directs you around to look at a few locations, while claiming to be stuck at a farm location nearby. And needles to say, some strange things are afoot.

These strange things are of a slightly tentacled natured. Old Gods Rising is technically a bit Lovecraftian, but it has none of the boring played out tropes (or racism; please hold your comments). It's more about the uncertainty, of the horror of not knowing if you can believe your own eyes and ears. Are you being lied to? Are you being lied to twice or thrice over?

There's also the deeply uncanny feeling of being alone in a normally busy space, of course, and you keep glimpsing things out of the corner of your eyes. But thinking about it now, it's possible that Old Gods Rising has more in common with The Turn Of The Screw than Lovecraft. It's very clever.

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