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Have You Played... Penko Park?

A cute but creepy Pokemon Snap-alike

If you've been staring longingly at your Nintendo Switch lately and wishing there was something akin to a grown-up Pokemon Snap-alike to play on PC, then get thee to Penko Park. It's a very similar deal. As a budding photographer, you trundle through the aforementioned park on-rails, snapping away at its peculiar wildlife. Some of its creatures are super cute. Others are downright disturbing. But it's all good, cosy fun.

In many ways, Penko Park predicted many of the new features in Nintendo's New Pokemon Snap. In your album there are spaces for multiple shots of its weird and wonderful critters, and capturing them in various emotional states such as being happy, angry, flying, asleep or even doing a little dance is key to advancing through the photography ranks.

Cover image for YouTube videoPenko Park – Launch Trailer

Your photos also receive a star rating from one to three, depending on how good it is and how much of the creature's in the frame, which will be familiar to any New Poke Snap players. Eventually, you'll unlock new tools such as a grappling hand that will let you take different routes through the park as well, allowing you to hit rail switches, change tack at a crossroad and more so you can carry on filling your scrapbook with more photos.

All the while, you're watched by the stark, black void stare of your tiny Penko Park guide Penki (pictured up the top there). I can't tell you whether it's his small hat, tiny, maniacal grin, or whether it's because his eyes are two bottomless pits of despair boring into your soul that make me feel on edge. But I have a feeling that Penki might actually be the most dangerous and sinister resident of Penko Park of all. I simply do not trust him.

If you're brave enough to venture into the wilds of Penko Park on Steam, just remember to watch your back. There's no telling when Penki might strike.

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