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Have You Played... Post Void?

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Post Void is a cacophonic nightmare. This game takes you on one hell of a ride. Plummeting through the depths of a hellish white noise-scape and coming out the other side just to shove you right back in there again is a bold move, but one that works every damn time.

Post Void is extremely impressive with how it manages to throw just so much at your face in such a short amount of time as each run takes. I’ve played the first level countless times where it feels like I've been on a genuine odyssey. Then I find out after I die that I was alive for less than a minute.

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It’s the opposite of a game like Loop Hero, where I can sit down, blink, and have time skip forward into the future. No, Post Void puts a gun in one hand, a skull in the other, and tells you to just get on it. It’s extremely fluid in the way it moves, with your character feeling almost too fast to control a lot of the time, and the mouse’s default sensitivity is 'extremely fidgety'. You can turn it down, but I’ve had my best Post Void runs after mountains of failure forced me to take a step back.

I’m not going to sit here and talk about how ‘trippy’ the game is or how it’s like being on drugs because I’m not a big loser, but the intense, janky-feeling sensitivity and ludicrous pace with which you can duck in and out of corridors and rooms becomes inexplicably easy at times. You won’t even feel it coming and it’s really hard to explain, but some runs you’ll just stop overthinking it. You’ll hit one-shot kills on enemies, you’ll keep track of the direction you need to head in, and things will just start making sense.

Then you’ll need to take a walk outside and listen to the birds chirping, because those were the most stressful five minutes of your whole week. Post Void shoves your face in a volcano and drags the rest of you kicking and screaming through with it, and it refuses to let you succeed without rising above the pressure.

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