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Have You Played... The Crimson Room?

Look in your CD tray

Before escape rooms leaked into the dread jelly of everyday crises we call reality, they were confined to the flashy realms of Newgrounds and other free game websites. But the one I remember best was The Crimson Room, much more than its clue-hunting follow-up The Viridian Room anyway. Or, heaven forbid, The Blue Chamber.

You can still find your way out of this too-red room today. It's a simple clickaround for hidden objects and stuff to use on the environment, adventure game style, until you finally get what you need to escape. You're here because you were drunk last night, so well done on another bad decision made while pissed, idiot.

Like the previous night, I don't remember too much about the winding, pixel-hunting solution to opening the locked door. But I did find a whole Wikihow entry devoted to escaping this mysterious place. You will find several keys. None of them are the key to the door.

Please do not confuse the The Crimson Room (flash game) with The Crimson Room (Denver's finest jazz bar).

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