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Have you played… The Predictive Text Game?

You can learn a lot about yourself from your phone's predictive text

So here's how the Predictive Text Game works. Got your phone ready? Good. Type one of the below starting phrases into your phone (I type it into my note-taking app rather than in a message, in case I accidentally send a friend or family member an extremely confusing text). Then, just tap the central predictive text option until you end up with a sentence.

You can choose when to end the sentence, but otherwise you should be completely hands-off. No cheating, or you miss the point of this wonderful and insightful game. You can learn an awful lot about yourself from your phone's predictive text. Don't believe me? Here's what my phone came up with:

I think that we should all... [have a better understanding of the cats and how they can help you with the rest of the day.]

I wonder when humanity [will become more important to the government than the government.]

It smells a bit like [a chicken but also a bit of a mix of chicken and chicken.]

Twenty-four hours is not enough time to [be a good person for the day.]

My ultimate fantasy is [to be the most accurate and most efficient way to use the Internet.]

The best thing you can do with a microwave is [to use your battery charger with a bunch of girls who are in the process of getting a refund.]

Okay, here's the thing: [it was a bit of a shock for me but I don't think I can make you feel like a happy bunny for the weekend.]

If I were ruler of the world [then that would be of interest to me.]

Go on, give it a try. Post your favourite one in the comments below and we'll all have a good laugh about it.

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