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Have You Played... Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers?

I just lost my underwear

Fight your bullying older brother to recover your inheritance (a pair of pants), with lasers. Tiny & Big is a silly game.

It has a neato art style, with goofy looking monochrome characters on a vivid orange and purple landscape, and Batman-esque comic sound effect captions popping up when you use your tools to cut gigantic rocks in half. That's its main thing, and gosh it's done well. Dragging the mouse across a rock fires your laser at it, cutting a line exactly as you drew it. Slice a boulder at the right angle and the top half will slide off, turning the rest into a ramp. Vvvvpshew! Now that column is two columns. Fire out a little rocket and you can push pieces around to make steps, or clear away obstacles by cutting them into manageable chunks you can haul aside with a grappling hooks.

It falls down more the longer you play it though, as it allows its game to get in the way too often, with frustrating battles and instant deaths that undo all your aggressive stoneworking. It's a shame, because as physics gimmicks go it's got one of the most satisfying toys I've ever seen, and I used to play its soundtrack (which you gradually unlock by finding tapes in hidden spots) at work while doing returns in the archive. One of very few soundtracks I ever listen to outside the game.

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