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Have You Played… Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2?

Do a kickflip

We’ve already done Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 for this regular feature. So let’s talk about its predecessor, the first Hawk 'em up to hit the PC. It was all about skatey combos. Pulling 180 bumflips and 360 trumpbokes, while admiring level gimmicks like a helicopter taking off, or power lines crashing down, or cars rumbling through the streets beeping their horns at you, you young punk. There was a bull running around in one level, and you could skate through its poo.

Hawkists will argue forever over which game’s soundtrack is the best (they don’t, I just need to imply that they do to give this sentence a straw-setup so I can talk about it) but Pro Skater 2 had some good teenage rock for baggy-jeans Brendan of the early 2000s. Papa Roach, Rage Against The Machine, and… Powerman 5000? To be honest these bands had different names on Napster. I don't know who's who.

Anyway, you can’t really play Tony Hawk Skates The Board 2 anymore, sorry, unless you have the CD from yonks ago. Or if you sneakily hack a PlayStation Classic or something nefarious like that, which I would never do. But even without this classic, it’s okay, we have OlliOlli 2 now.

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