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Have You Played... Unseen Diplomacy?

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Do you want to feel like James Bond? I bet you want to feel like James Bond. The James Bond who spends all his time crawling through vents and blocking laser beams with key cards. Here, watch some of Unseen Diplomacy, featuring a man using a broom to break into the lair of an evil corporation before it can delete the internet.

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I played it yonks ago, back when I was a student with enough spare time and enthusiasm to occasionally lug my PC into an unused lecture theatre for VR parties. The best kind of party.

They were a chance to try out VR games ill-suited to my bedroom, without desks to charge into and mantelpieces to crack your head on. The lack of those was absolutely vital for Unseen Diplomacy, where you need to reach into every nook and cranny of a clean 2x2 metre area. It needs a lot of space, but if you can manage that then those 2x2 metres feel infinite.

You crawl between rooms that cleverly twist back on themselves, tricking you into believing that you're burrowing further and further into an awfully secured base. Vents come undone with a few twiddles of your screwdriver, and lasers can be blocked with any object you can get your hands on. No task is that hard, but they become so when you're racing your friends to see who can lollop through the fastest.

Best £2 I ever spent.

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