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Have You Played... Vin Diesel: Wheelman?

For the Vin

Wheelman is a game in which Vin Diesel rampages around Barcelona in an assortment of beefed-up muscle cars. It came out at around the same time as 50 Cent: Bulletproof. I can only assume Vin played it and grunted "I can do that" through a mouthful of six-dozen eggs.

There's a paper-thin story about trying to take down the Catalonian mob, but really it's sort of just a weird mix between Burnout and GTA. You smash through billboards, sideswipe other cars in Michael Bay-esque slo-mo, all while Vincent Diesel spouts one-liners with about the level of enthusiasm you'd expect from the Fast And Furious star. He plays a sort of suped-up version of himself, like a V6 engine born of flesh and bone, and powered by Lynx Africa.

Wheelman is a half-decent game too, with shades of Crazy Taxi and the best parts of the Driver series. However you feel about Vin Diesel, you've got to admit he's prolific. He's a director, actor and now he's even released a summertime EDM song. Perhaps Wheelman is a heartwarming lesson on just how far you can get in life with a bit of persistence, regardless of how much actual talent you possess. Maybe it's just an example of what happens when an individual gets so famous that people are afraid to say no to them.

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