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Have You Played… Words For Evil?

Spelling Bee

Occasionally, after a long day of typing, I like to unwind with a spot of... more typing. Words For Evil is always there for me in those (admittedly rare) moments.

Words For Evil is a very simple and casual RPG where you do everything by typing words to connect letters in a grid. You use it to deal damage to enemies, avoid damage from devious traps, open up locked chests, and save party members from a killing blow. The grid of letters fills from the top as you peck away at it, attempting to find words by linking together adjacent tiles.

Your party members (yes, you can gain more as time goes on) are associated with a certain colour, and various tiles in a battle will show up in that colour. Enter a word that uses one or more of these tiles, and that party member will attack the enemy. Two tiles of the same colour will unleash a stronger attack, while three or more will smack the enemy with the third and strongest attack available to that character. You can also mix and match colours in the same word to have multiple party members attack simultaneously.

Despite the ease with which you dispatch most foes in Words For Evil, there is a sense of growing pressure as you struggle to find any useful words in the grid, all the while listening to the "thunk" of a new attack landing on your party, whittling away their health. I quickly found that three-letter words were often all you needed, and I must admit it's quite satisfying, finishing off that pesky Troll Warrior with a well-timed FAP.

The content may be rather lacking, but I'm not looking for much with games like this. It's a lovely little time-waster, available on Steam for $2.60/£2.

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