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I am overly concerned about blood stains in Red Dead Redemption 2

Don't tell Graham I've been playing it because it's not a PC game and I'll get in trouble!

The only way any of us are allowed to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 is either to say that we don’t even care it’s not on PC anyway, or in supporter posts like this, where we can write more about our actual lives. Most of our actual lives involve playing Red Dead Redemption 2 (or at least telling Graham we are playing other stuff for work, and then actually secretly playing Red Dead Redemption 2).

So far, for me, Red Dead Redemption 2 could go by many names: “Why Is The Button For Picking Up My Hat Different To The Button For Picking Up My Gun: Picking Stuff Up Should Be The Same Button”, “Oh No I Don’t Know How To Get Blood Out of My Clothes”, and, of course, “Has Anyone Seen My Horse?”

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