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Just look at these gorgeous Half-Life CD ROMs

Relics from the distant past

Ah, the days of CD-ROMS... They were good, weren't they? My PC hasn't had a CD-ROM drive for several years now, but as a staunch lover of physical media, I just can't bring myself to chuck them out. Instead, most of the ones I still own have been buried deep in the recesses of the bags, boxes and drawers of my home office somewhere, rarely seeing the light of day and, in all honesty, might as well be in the bin for all the good they're currently doing.

But a couple of weeks ago, I was searching for a USB cable. Not any USB cable, I might add. The super long one I used for my Oculus Quest. I needed it to test the Oculus Quest 2, you see, but I couldn't for the life of my remember where I'd stashed it. I ended up turning my entire office upside down to look for it. Turns out it was in the spare room with all my other bits of tech (go figure), but the upshot was I found these glorious Half-Life beauties that my brothers used to own.

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