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  • E3 2021 logo in front of a silver-coloured, crystallised background

    Everything interesting that happened at E3 2021

    Elden Ring, Starfield and loads of CHAOS

    Countless livestreams, announcements and gameplay reveals later, E3 2021 is done and dusted. While it was most certainly an improvement on last year's months-long mess, there was still a lot shown off in a very short space of time. If you missed or completely forgot that Breaking Badman Giancarlo Esposito mentioned Adolf Hitler last Thursday, this recap video is exactly what you need in order to catch up.

    E3 2021 was a weird one. There were some cool reveals like Arkane's Redfall, and people lost their minds over Elden Ring, but it was definitely light on WOW moments. Also, there were a few strange things, like that bit where Randy Pitchford bothered celebrities on a movie set for half an hour. Still... Forza Horizon 5 looks great, doesn't it?

  • Image for EWS podcast episode 144: the best box art special

    After last week's fun on The Electronic Wireless Show podcast, we then actually had to live through E3, and I, especially, am very tired. This week the show is all about our favourite box art or key art images from the history of games. The episode starts of with a sort of funereal air and ends, as Nate described it, like the final scenes of Fury Road, where we are desperately trying to keep going to the end even as bits of the engine fall off.

    There is an improvised Cavern Of Lies, Matthew has some new sweets, and Nate has a poorly crayfish. But we also do an extremely in depth analysis of the original Doom cover art, with reference to classical art.

  • A photo of the Razer Kraken gaming headset in black

    Deals: Get Razer's solid Kraken multi-platform headset for £28 (50% off)

    A great price for a headset that originally retailed for £80

    The Razer Kraken is the gaming company's staple headset, and has seen constant revision over the years - including a new version in 2019. It's become a solid entry-level option, retailing for around £55, but today the Kraken has reached new depths thanks to a 50% off coupon at Currys PC World in the UK. Now you can pick up this multi-platform headset for just £27.50 with code SAVE50.

  • An image from Tales Of Arise which shows Alphen, a swordsman clad in armour with white hair, an eye patch, and a blue scarf stare intensely at something in front of him.

    I spent much of my time with JRPG Tales Of Arise veering from a state of serene calm to one of total confusion. Like I'd been out for a walk down the street, spotted a group of misfits down a quiet suburb, and starting yelling encouragement as they kicked seven shades out of a fire hydrant. That feeling of not really knowing what you're doing, but rather enjoying whatever it is that you are, in fact, doing.

  • People dancing in a club in a The Sims 4: Get Together screenshot.

    Help, I'm trapped listening to The Sims 4's Simlish summer jams

    Nonsense covers of bands from Len to Bananarama

    You can tell summer is coming: sun's out, guns out, and taps aff, and a car drove past my flat blasting Len's 1999 monster summer jam Steal My Sunshine at full volume. That reminded me EA made a Simlish version of Steal My Sunshine for The Sims 4's Seasons expansion, and now I've fallen down a terrible hole of breaking my brain with incomprehensible versions of familiar summer jams. Please help. The Simlish translation of "Girl I think my butt gettin' big" in Nelly's Hot In Herre is killing me.

  • Image for I hope Jurassic World Evolution 2 will just let me build a nice, peaceful dino park

    When Jeff Goldblum delivered the news that we'd be getting a sequel to Frontier's 2018 park builder Jurassic World Evolution sometime in the next six months at the Summer Game Fest last week, I was immediately raised from my E3 slumber. While not perfect by any means, JWE is pretty much the best option out there right now for people who love dinosaur games that don't involve any combat. Sure, the trailer for Jurassic World Evolution 2 only revealed a very slim portfolio of facts about the game, but using my sordid credentials as a giant Jurassic Park nerd, and a sinker of many hours into Frontier's park games, I reckon I can offer some reasonable assumptions as to what you can expect.

  • A sea of repeating RPS logos.

    It's now easier to support Rock Paper Shotgun

    Changes to accounts, rewards and more

    The RPS Supporter Programme launched back in 2014 as a way for readers to directly fund the kind of work we love most. The strange, the experimental, the personal, the obscure; the kind of work that's expensive and time-consuming, and loved intensely by those who get it.

    Today we're making it easier to support RPS - and changing the way you access your benefits if you already do.

  • An image from Call Of Duty: Warzone which shows three players atop an armoured truck. One players mans a turret, and the two others are in the back looking down their rifles.

    Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 adds armoured trucks to regular modes

    Capture a satellite and there's a chance you'll receive a super-truck

    Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has finally crash-landed, like a number of satellites into Verdansk. Capture one of these smouldering space spheres and you'll earn rewards, one of which is only a flipping Armoured Truck. These metal stallions were previously only available in Armored Royale, a limited-time mode, but now they're a reward in normal matches. So, err, hey there buddy?! It's so good to see you again! Oh truck. Oh trucky truck, how I've missed you.

  • A screenshot of Ynglet with the RPS Bestest Best logo

    Ynglet is proof that great things can come from terrible, world-ending disasters. As you and your fellow microbe-like pals watch a meteor hurtling towards your tiny home on the TV, a new world erupts the carnage - and it looks awfully like a cartoon town map you might find at your local tourist office. As you slither across this newfound land, portals gradually open up to eight worlds of floating shapes that fizz and pop with light, music and colour. It's a platformer without any platforms, and it's probably the most delightful 90 minute adventure you'll play all year.

  • A Griftlands screenshot of a negotiation "battle" between the player character and a character called Prekt.

    Word is Dano spends her downtime knitting and her uptime hitting. Best to approach her when her hands are empty, either way.

    Whenever you meet someone new during a playthrough of Griftlands, Klei Entertainment's masterful deckbuilder, the first thing you get is a short box of flavour text that often summarises their demeanour, their line of work, and their attitude towards you all at once, and rarely ever resorts to actually stating those things outright. It's so much easier said than done to write one of these sentences, and yet Klei makes it look effortless.

    It's little things like this that make Griftlands easily the most enjoyable deckbuilder for someone who doesn't enjoy deckbuilders.

  • a photo of a razer goliathus desk-sized mouse pad, with colour exploding behind it

    Deals: Razer's intensely RGB desk-sized mouse mat is 50% off at Amazon UK

    91 x 29cm of Razer Chroma goodness for £29.99, down from £59.99

    Razer's intensely Chromatic RGB desk pad is half-price on Amazon UK right now, dropping from £60 to £30 - a historic low price. If you're at all a fan of RGB lighting, and especially if you're already in Razer's ecosystem, this is a great deal for a mouse pad of this size and quality.

  • Fallout London mod - a modded Fallout 4 character with blonde hair and sunglasses and a Pip-Boy holds an British flag.

    Yet another giant Fallout 4 modding project has released a trailer for an ambitious expansion-sized campaign. Fallout: London is planning to take players to see how the war affected things in the UK. London may change, but war doesn't. Things look just as irradiated, divided, and gritty as you'd expect from a major Fallout 4 mod project. There's no release date yet, and it's certainly looking like there will be plenty of infighting between its new, British factions. No Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel here.

  • a photo of the xbox series x and s controller, the official one from microsoft, in white

    Deals: This Series X era Xbox controller is £36 with code on Ebay

    A great price for a top PC controller that's normally £55

    Microsoft's Xbox One controller was already one of the very best PC gamepads, and its Series X|S era refresh made it even better with a massive upgrade to the d-pad, face buttons and reduced latency. Today you can pick up a 'open box but never used' (read: seller refurbished, but excellent condition) Xbox controller for only £35.62 with the code XBOXSAVINGS2021 - more than 33% off the usual price of £54.99.

  • A screenshot of the Prison Architect: Second Chances DLC showing a bakery operated by prisoners.

    Prison Architect is looking to the future in its new DLC. Second Chances is all about letting your inmates out of prison, but on purpose. If you're lucky, you won't ever see them again. Have a nice life, folks! Second Chances adds several new rehab programs focused on lowering your prisoners' sentences and making sure they stay out when they leave. It's out now, alongside another free game update called The Pen.

  • Sophie's Safecracking Simulator - A safe dial surrounded by a sticky note with a combination written on it, a timer, and other safecracking tools.

    I don't know the first thing about breaking into safes, or what the fiddly inner bits of a combo lock look like. So I've already learned a lot from Sophie's Safecracking Simulator from looking at its screenshots without even playing it. Fans of fiddly games should listen close on this one. Safecracking Simulator has just arrived on Steam and it's a neat little tech toy to snag for less than a fiver.

  • A link-up move during battle in a She Dreams Elsewhere screenshot.

    This surreal RPG's battle screens look so good

    I dream of She Dreams Elsewhere

    One game which caught my eye during all of the E3 everything is one I'm apparently late to notice: surreal RPG She Dreams Elsewhere. A new trailer with mock VHS effects showed off its shopping mall level with a CGA-ish palette and sure, that was interesting enough, but then it hit a battle and WHAT HELLO THIS IS GORGEOUS.

  • I Expect You To Die 2 - In first person, the player looks at a clipboard of tasks relating to a stage play while standing beside a control unit with lots of buttons and knobs.

    Steam Next Fest is showering us with hundreds of demos again this week

    Here are three quick picks to help you get started

    Don't go setting your sights on that big summer sale just yet. Keep your wallet in your pocket because Steam Next Fest just kicked off. That means for the next week you'll be able to download and try free demos for all manner of upcoming games on Steam. It's a huge collection, as past Steam demo bonanzas have been, with over 700 game demos to choose from this time. It's just launched, so here are a couple quick picks to get you started.

  • Luna's Fishing Garden - Main character Cassie stands on a rocky island beside a giant seal wearing a raincoat and cap and holding a fishing rod.

    Get hooked on angling and decorating in Luna's Fishing Garden

    Populate your archipelago with plants, animals, and giant spirits

    Fishing is my absolute least favorite activity in any game that includes it. I say that, and yet Luna's Fishing Garden looks absolutely adorable. This super sweet angling and collecting game has an archipelago of islands to decorate, a bunch of massive animal spirits, and the style of fishing minigame I do actually enjoy in spite of myself. I may well wind up hooked, especially since it's just launched today.

  • Image for Chivalry 2 review: a gore-soaked multiplayer battler with tons of humour

    Multiplayer stab 'em up Chivalry II says it is inspired by "medieval war movies". The word "movies" is significant. Any historical theme invites complaints of inaccuracy, and the usual shield-wall pedantry. But by channeling Braveheart, Gladiator and that one scene in Anchorman, the makers of this bloodthirsty sequel are saying up-front: "No, this is the fun kind of head chopping". And they'd be right. Chivalry II is a ridiculous, over-the-top ruckus, with knights being catapulted across the field and infantry chucking trout at each other in a breathless panic. "Blood is my paint and the land is my canvas!" shouts one soldier, using the game's dedicated "battlecry" button. I couldn't agree more. This is art.

  • A group of happy characters in Final Fantasy XIV.

    Feature: The 10 best MMOs and MMORPGs to play in 2021

    Where to play with your massive friends

    Massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, aka, games that will consume your life. Your first task: fetch thirty kobold beaks for Gary and receive a stubby longsword in exchange. Fast forward ten thousand hours later. You sport fiery pauldrons, slay a dragon, and nab some legendary loot. What a feeling. And there are plenty of MMORPGs that can give you this experience, but with different makeups. Some are fantasy, some lean into the JRPG side of things, while others go full sci-fi. Well, we've put together a list of the 10 best MMORPGs to try out if you're into levelling, raiding, and roleplaying.

  • A close-up of man looking through the viewfinder of a camera, finger ready to take a picture, in a Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View screenshot.

    After snooping around offices in The Occupation and memories in Ether One, developers White Paper Games will soon offer the opportunity to snoop around a neighbourhood . During E3 they announced Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View, where we'll play a former detective in 1950s England who falls into spying on his neighbours after the disappearance of a young girl. The announcement trailer remind me a bit of Hitchcock's Rear Window, spying on people out his flat window. Have a look for yourself below.

  • Intel's Core i5-11400F processor next to its box and bundled cooler

    Feature: Intel Core i5-11400F review

    A great budget-focused CPU for gaming

    It's been a long while since there's been a truly great budget gaming CPU that's actually been available to buy. AMD's Ryzen 3 3300X filled that hole admirably when it first launched back in May last year, but the sheer popularity of that £115 / $120 CPU has meant that it's been out of stock almost ever since. Indeed, AMD still haven't released a Ryzen 5000 successor for it, and even Intel's 11th Gen Rocket Lake earlier in the year didn't yield any promising Core i3 candidates, either, with the chip maker stopping firm at the Core i5-11400 and i5-11400F, the latter of which is on test today.

    The Core i5-11400F is fundamentally identical to the 11400 - it's just that the F model doesn't have any integrated graphics built-in. As such, you'll need to pair it with a graphics card if you want anything to appear on your monitor when you come to turn it on. Otherwise, they're exactly the same chip. And for lack of any other competition right now, this £150 / $230 CPU is probably the closest thing you'll get to a great budget gaming CPU in 2021.

  • A couple wait for a bus in a futuristic city in Minds Beneath Us.

    Minds Beneath Us is a sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian city

    Play as a normal guy with a potentially killer AI in his head

    Given how many cyberpunky games are around these days, it takes something particularly interesting in that style to stand out to me now. But Minds Beneath Us has really caught my eye. It's an upcoming sci-fi thriller set in a futuristic world where humans have been integrated with AI. It has cool skylines, excellent use of neon signs, and you play as a character who might occasionally turn into a murderous zombie-thing.

  • Natsuki, Yuri and Monika talk about how Natsuki likes cute writing in Doki Doki Literature Club.

    Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! is a HD remaster of the cute anime visual novel (which is also a psychological horror game) coming out on June 30th. Unlike the old game, this one won't be free, but it's adding a bunch of new stuff that I'm sure will have plenty of spooks for us. It's bringing six new side stories, loads of new music, and a visual upgrade with higher-resolution artwork.

  • A screenshot of Owl playing the violin and Eda listening in their apartment in When The Past Was Around

    If I've learned one thing from Mojiken Studio's beautiful hand-drawn point and click puzzler When The Past Was Around, it's that I should never strike up a relationship with a violin-playing owl man unless I want my heart to get smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. Despite its bright and breezy art style, When The Past Was Around hits hard, wallopping your emotions with all the feels at every gosh-darned turn. To be honest, even if I wasn't getting all teary-eyed at Owl and Eda's blossoming romance, I'd probably be equally upset about having my lovely neat apartment trashed by an invisible, busy-body puzzle solver. I've only just finished unpacking those plants, goddamnit, no need to tip them all over the carpet as well.

  • A picture of a window in a blue room.

    Windows 11 has leaked, will have rounded corners and revised start menu

    Until you right-click, go to settings and change it back

    Windows 11 has leaked online, giving us a first glimpse of Microsoft's next operating system and all the small ways it'll annoy and unsettle us until we finally Google how to change it back. This time around: it has rounded corners, the app icons are centered in the task bar, and the Start menu has changed.

  • A screenshot of Songs Of Conquest showing a map of a fantasy medieval city, on which giant heroes and beasts stand.

    Songs Of Conquest was one of the prettiest games at E3 2021

    Crisp, detailed and beautifully lit pixel art

    Songs Of Conquest was one of the most exciting trailers I saw at E3 2021. It's a turn-based strategy game in which you stomp around a world map, triggering hexy battles against fantasy factions, and levelling up and expanding your kingdom in between. It also has lovely pixel art. Watch the trailer below.

  • Image for Loop Hero update adds mid-game saves, speed increases and new tiles

    Loop Hero has sold 800k copies since its release back in March, which is pretty impressive given it's a strange, lo-fi mashup of roguelike and idle game. It's now received its first major update, and version 1.1 brings with it new tiles to build with and a bunch of quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to speed up the game.