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  • Image for Terraria dev's Google account got fixed, so it's coming to Stadia after all

    Terraria dev's Google account got fixed, so it's coming to Stadia after all

    Does this mean working with them is no longer a liability?

    Earlier this month, developer Andrew Spinks said that he was cancelling Terraria's release on Google Stadia because his Google account had been deactivated with no stated reason, and he'd been unable to recover it for weeks. "I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little," he tweeted, concluding that "Doing business with [Google] is a liability."

    Now it seems that the issue has been resolved, and Terraria is again on route to Google's beleaguered cloud gaming platform.

  • A young man shows a wizened bard his book in an illustration from 'Idylls of the King. Vivien. Elaine. Enid. Guinevere ... With ... decorations by G. W. Rhead and L. Rhead'

    This week we say goodbye to RPS guidesman Jake Green, who's leaving for pastures new. Say goodbye to Jake! On the bright side, spring is coming. The downstairs neighbour's snowdrops and crocuses have come through, and what a joy. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend?

  • deathloop.jpg

    Deathloop is inheriting several of Dishonored's supernatural powers

    Colt will have more than just Blink in his arsenal

    Arkane's next FPS game Deathloop looks absoltuely rad. Their new murder sandbox seems like Dishonored meets Hitman, and that's certainly no accident. Its made by Dishonored's developers, sure, but Arkane now say they're bringing "quite a few" of the supernatural abilities that you'll remember to Deathloop. If you thought you'd spotted some familiar skills in the trailers so far, you're not wrong.

  • baldurs gate 3 druid badger fight.jpg

    Baldur's Gate 3 has spun up a big new update and, gross, why are there so many spiderwebs on it? Oh, that's the Druid's spider Wild Form that Larian have added. The Nature's Power update brings eight animal forms, lots of new skills for these Druids, and some new quality of life changes. The update is out now, so you can go and turn yourself into a badger or a bear or whatever you fancy.

  • Roots Of Pacha - Two players stand in a field of crops. One is digging an irrigation trench while another fills it with water.

    Gather round, fellow Stardewbut fans. Here's another look at Roots Of Pacha, the farming and town sim that's Stardewbut stone age. It was looking cute and creative when I stumbled upon it last year and a new trailer shows off even more of its early civilisation inspirations. It's also just netted its requested crowdfunding campaign total within a day.

  • Image for Unlike many plans for the future of Destiny 2, Bungie's new one sounds solid

    Every year or so, one of Destiny 2's high-ranking developers will write a vast blog post inspecting the MMOFPS's problems and proposing solutions. "That might be good," I always think, "depending on how they implement it." But the plans are always vague, and have often turned out disappointing in reality. I'm quite pleased, then, that the latest blogblast lays out some very specific changes that definitely are welcome. Also, it sounds like they might continue Destiny for many, many years yet.

  • halo infinite work in progress.jpg

    Halo Infinite developers call it a "spiritual reboot" with familiar visuals

    You're going to have to trust them on the grappleshot though

    We now know that there's quite a wait yet for Halo Infinite to arrive this autumn, but 343 Industries have committed to filling that time with regular blog post chats from developers. This month they've rounded up a crew to talk about what makes Infinite a "spiritual reboot" of earlier Halo games. They've also snuck in a cheeky defense of the grappleshot.

  • An in-development screenshot of a character in a helmet flying above a grey-boxed city level holding what looks like a large swordgun.

    Since they succesfully launched into space with Star Wars: Squadrons, we've learned a lot more about what Motive Studios aren't working on than what they are. Next up for the studio isn't another Star Wars game and it also isn't the unannounced open-world action game they've been working on for years. The project codenamed "Gaia" has reportedly been cancelled by Electronic Arts.

  • Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life giving a thumbs up to the camera while on top of a boat

    Flee, gentle reader, for she has come again! It's not too late for you to escape her: Horaszdóttir the Endless, she of the big boots and bear fur. Alas, our fate is sealed. She visits us every winter to split open turkeys from her eldritch flock, and soothsay our most anticipated game releases for the year to come.

    She shows us many a game in those birds, reader, and we must impart the dread knowledge to you. We've already done strategy games; what hideous vision of the future is forced on us today? Ah yes, of course. It is the time of the storytellers, the quests and levelling, the congress with aliens. RPGs!

  • Sam and BB doing a thumbs up and peace sign in Death Stranding

    As you may have seen earlier this week, I spent much of my downtime this month reading the official novelisation of Hideo Kojima's courier hiking sim Death Stranding. It was quite a strange experience, if only because so much of what I loved about the game wasn't present in the novels at all. The landscape you spend so much time analysing and assessing in Death Stranding is barely mentioned over the course of the books, and even the deadly BTs get surprisingly little air time for how often they seem to get in your way. But the strangest thing of all was how it depicted Sam's relationship with his jar baby BB, and it made me realise that all the weird, extraneous mess in its overall design is actually pretty darn important when it comes to establishing some of its later story reveals. I love a good game story as much as the next person, but when it's not supported by gameplay, something definitely comes a cropper.

  • Our kung fu hero poses in a corridor strewn with bodies in a Sifu screenshot.

    After the stylish multiplayer sandbox fighting of Absolver, developers Sloclap have announced a return to fisticuffs. Their next game is Sifu, a beat 'em up inspired by "kung fu film classics", starring a young student seeking revenge for the murder of his family. He'll be stylishly punching and kicking his way through a city, as you can see in the announcement trailer below.

  • five nights at freddys security breach new purple animatronic.jpg

    Animatronic murder-fest Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach launches this year

    The new bots look cool but man, I do not want to meet them

    It's strange seeing Five Nights At Freddy's grow from a simple jumpscare fest into a fully-fledged first-person horror game where you have to run and hide from deathbots, yet here we are. During Sony's State Of Play live stream last night, they revealed Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach would launch in 2021, and we got our first proper look at its gameplay. Players will be exploring a shopping mall at night, diving in ball pits and sprinting through closed stores to avoid being hunted by bloodthirsty animatronics.

  • monster hunter rise.jpg

    Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC next year

    Confirming the leak from the Capcom ransomware attack

    If you're into fighting big monsters with even bigger weapons then I have some good news for you. Capcom have confirmed that the Nintendo Switch action-RPG Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on PC early 2022. Rise will be similar to its beast-slaying hack and slash predecessor Monster Hunter World, with open areas to explore, though with slightly faster-paced combat this time. It also features little dog pals rather than cat ones, so it's absolutely on my watch list.

  • Surviving Mars artwork showing an astronaut and a robot looking out over a Martian landscape

    Deals: Build your own Paradox Humble Bundle and save up to 88%

    Buy three games or more to get the best discounts

    Strategy and city building fans, rejoice. Humble have a new Build Your Own Paradox bundle that lets you save up to 88% on a variety of titles from the publisher's back catalogue. You'll need to buy three games or more to get the best discounts, but there's plenty to tickle your fancy, including Surviving Mars, Age Of Wonders: Planetall, Pillars Of Eternity, Imperator Rome, Cities Skylines and Battletech to name just a few.

  • kena bridge of spirit.jpg

    Kena: Bridge Of Spirits comes out this August

    It looks like Zelda collided with a Pixar film

    Magical forest adventure Kena: Bridge Of Spirits bagged itself a release date and a gorgeous new trailer during Sony's State Of Play live stream last night. This is the debut game from developers Ember Labs, and not only are they going hard on the lush visuals, but it looks like they also plan on making me feel lots of emotions. It arrives on August 24th, and you can get an idea of the emotions I'm talking about in the trailer below (spoiler: some of them are sad ones).

  • A photo of an AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics card

    The latest addition to AMD's RX 6000 family of next-gen Big Navi GPUs will be announced on March 3rd at 11am ET, which is 4pm GMT for us folks in the UK. AMD announced their announcement event yesterday afternoon just as eager graphics card buyers were rapidly hitting refresh on Nvidia's RTX 3060 cards, although whether this one will be any easier to buy is anyone's guess.

  • Image for Have You Played... Murder By Numbers?

    Feature: Have You Played... Murder By Numbers?

    The Picross puzzles are to die for

    On paper, Murder By Numbers is pretty much my dream game. It's a murder mystery visual novel (check) featuring lots of Picross-style nonogram puzzles (double check) with a soundtrack composed by Phoenix Wright's toe-tapping musical legend, Masakazu Sugimori (check check check). I enjoyed it a lot when it first came out last year, even if its actual puzzle images left me scratching my head more times than not once I'd completed them. There's just something immensely soothing about working out where to put your noughts and crosses in these types of puzzles, especially when it's surrounded by a fun cast of characters and an intensely catchy soundtrack.

  • Image for Deathloop's new trailer has me fully on board for the first time

    A few hours ago I wrote about the System Shock remake, and noted in passing that Deathloop doesn't look much like an immersive sim versus Arkane's previous games. And then, suddenly, here's a new trailer of Deathloop where it looks wonderfully, thrillingly, like Arkane's other games. Sneaking, stabbing, oodles of style, and for the first time, I'm fully on board. Watch it below.

  • A photo showing a monitor and keyboard on a desk alongside a motor that is about to rumble like crazy.

    As seminal hip-hop artists Ant & Dec said: Let's get ready ready, let's get ready to rumble. YouTuber and maker Teenenggr has answered the question: what if instead of plugging a rumble pack into your N64 controller, you plugged it into your desk, and also it was ten times larger?

    There's a video below of his keyboard and monitor rattling around his desk every time he fires a gun in Crysis, and it's glorious.

  • An image of a Hot Wheels Unleashed CG trailer, showing a gnarly car in the foreground and an out-of-focus twisty track in the background.

    Recently I've been spending at least an hour every day playing Hot Wheels with my four-year-old kid. It's one of the games I like playing with him most, so much so that last week I spent £50 and bought more track, a new car launcher, and a booster that speeds them up.

    So Hot Wheels Unleashed, a new just-announced Hot Wheel racing game, has my attention.

  • A trio of warriors with guns pose in Outriders.

    Bulletstorm devs release demo for their new game, Outriders

    Fancy trying a new looter-shooter with co-op?

    A decade after the charmingly crass FPS Bulletstorm, Polish studio People Can Fly are returning with new game Outriders. It's a third-person looter-shooter with three-player co-op, set in an edgy sci-fi world. What I've seen in videos so far hasn't really got me jazzed. But from today we can try it for ourselves and see what it's actually like, because a free demo just launched.

  • A Valheim screenshot of a player clad in full Bronze Armor, wielding a Bronze Atgeir.

    Once again, my friends and I dusted off our bushy beards and strode back into viking survival game Valheim. It's become our Friday night tradition, where we get together every week for a jaunt in the woods. In our last session we developed a symbiotic relationship with the local bee populace, and ensured, above all else, that they were happy.

    This week, we clutched some newly found carrot seeds and punched the earth in a desperate bid to grow orange sticks of the highest quality; the most delectable, succulent vegetables that we'd be proud to serve at Odin's dinner table. Turns out this is not how vikings grow carrots. Instead, we'd need to get hold of something more powerful than we could ever have imagined.

  • A beautiful undersea scene seen through googles in a Subnautica: Below Zero screenshot.

    Subnautica: Below Zero surfaces out of early access in May

    I've been waiting to return to these alien seas

    With the first signs of spring now blooming, it feels weird to be suddenly excited about the prospect of going somewhere proper cold, yet here I am. The makers of Subnautica: Below Zero just announced that their frozen follow-up to 2018's wonderful undersea survival adventure will leave early access and launch in full on the 14th of May. I'm so ready to meet more weird sealife on an alien planet, then eat some and be eaten by others.

  • A Valheim screenshot of a player holding a shield and looking into a Black Forest biome.

    Valheim: it's an excellent viking survival game with delightful bees and deadly trees. But did you know, that sometimes when those trees get chopped down they don't succumb to the whims of gravity? When out on their logging endeavors, some players have found mysterious and perfectly-balanced trees that simply will not fall. It's likely a bug, though a very good one that I hope doesn't get fixed. Mostly because I'd like to find my own floating tree.

  • WoWclassicstormwind.jpg

    Every year when a new update for World Of Warcraft gets announced, or Final Fantasy XIV reveals some mad collaboration with NieR: Automata, I can't help but be sucked in again. Almost. I hover my mouse over purchase, but I can never bring myself to click.

    Deep down, I know I don't like MMORPGs anymore. But for some reason I still believe that maybe, just maybe, I actually do. That this particular expansion where orcs fight in a shadow realm, or I can strut about in a new cross-promotional costume, will be like coming home after many years lost in the wilderness.

  • A photo of the MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming X Trio

    Feature: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 review

    Get double the performance of the GTX 1060

    With the arrival of Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3060, we're finally getting into the realms where the next generation of graphics performance becomes vaguely affordable. While its starting price of £299 / $329 isn't quite as wallet-friendly as the popular GTX 1060 it's intending to replace (which launched for $249 back in the heady days of 2016), it's still a more appealing choice for those looking to play games at 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 than the £369 / $399 RTX 3060 Ti and the £469 / $499 RTX 3070. Its generous 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM gives it plenty of headroom to deal with future high-end quality settings, for example, and its less-demanding power requirements mean you can still get away with using a pretty standard 550W power supply with it, which can't be said of its more expensive siblings.

  • A ship nears an island labelled The Chapel of Lights in a screenshot from Sunless Sea.

    Sunless Sea is free to keep on Epic this week

    Sail the seas, experience wonders and horrors, lose your mind, die

    If the recent sea shanty craze has inspired you to experience something terrible at sea, you should check out the latest game being given away free on the Epic Games Store. Failbetter's Sunless Sea is a roguelikelike exploration RPG upon a deeply cursed underground sea, set in the same supernatural world as their browser game Fallen London. Recruit a crew, take on quests, explore, encounter wonders, uncover mysteries, experience horrors, lose your mind, eat your crew, and die.