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My musical highlights from Steam's soundtrack sale

Toot toot!

Steam's soundtrack sale is nearly over, but as the resident soundtrack fanatic here at RPS, I thought it was only right and proper to take some time out and celebrate some of my favourite tracks and compilations. After all, there are plenty of bangers in there right now, and it would be a shame to miss out on these crackin' tunes while they're going cheap. So come, put on your headphones, turn up your speakers and prepare yourself for an aural assault on the senses.

Ori And The Blind Forest

You simply cannot create a best music list and not include Ori And The Blind Forest. It just isn't possible. Available for 75% off right now, Gareth Coker's stirring score for Moon Studio's hard-as-nails platformer is a gorgeous, orchestral tear-jerker. Accompanied by Aeralie Brighton's ethereal vocals and lots of tinkling piano solos, this soundtrack is like a big warm hug for your ears from Ori's fluffy pal Naru - which is exactly what you need after that darn climb up the accursed Ginso Tree, lemma tell ya.


Mutazione has fast become one of my favourite chill-out soundtracks. It's just so laid back and cool and 'ahhhhhhhh'. Available for 20% off, Alessandro Coronas' Italian-infused score immediately makes me feel like I've been transported to some kind of island holiday - which is apt, given the game's tropical island setting. My favourite tracks are the giant 15-minute Day suites, the first one of which I've embedded above. These twang and strum away in the background as you explore the sights and sounds of Mutazione's strange and sleepy neighbourhood, and they're probably 99% responsible for making me take twice as long to complete the game as is perhaps necessary.

Coffee Talk

Speaking of chill-out soundtracks, Andrew Jeremy's score for the recently released Coffee Talk is a lo-fi marvel. Since the game only came out a couple of weeks ago, there's only 10% off it right now, but if Jeremy's rendition of Claire de Lune above doesn't make you prick up your ears, I don't know what will. Best served with a hot drink and some cosy blankets.


I might not be particularly enamoured with Supergiant's more recent games, but boy howdy do I love me a bit of Bastion. I especially love me a bit of Darren Korb's guitar-laden soundtrack for Bastion, too. Going for 75% off at the moment, Bastion makes for great driving music. There was a period a couple of years ago when I'd play this in my car all the time, bopping my head along with its drums and thumping bass lines, and crooning to the gorgeous harmonies in Build That Wall and Setting Sail, Coming Home. Oof, what a tune.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight as a game might have left me a bit cold by the time I finished it, but even I have to admit that Christopher Larkin's piano score for it is really quite good. Currently 50% off, it's sad, soulful, haunting... the kind of music you might want to play on a rainy Sunday afternoon when you're feeling wistful and nostalgic. If you dig Hollow Knight's regular soundtrack, you should also check out the Materia Collective's dedicated piano collection for it, too. It's not part of Steam's soundtrack sale, sadly, but it's a great companion to the main soundtrack.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - Turnabout Tunes

The first three Phoenix Wright games have some absolutely killer tunes (sorry), so what better way to get them down your lug holes than with Capcom's special 24-track compilation soundtrack? Available for 20% off its usual price, Turnabout Tunes has 14 in-game tracks, 2 new vocal tracks, and 8 orchestral arrangements, including a couple of renditions from Capcom's dedicated Phoenix Wright piano and jazz albums (yes, albums). My favourite is the orchestral Courtroom Suite (embedded above), which starts all majestic and serious and gradually becomes more and more frantic as it ramps up to the game's brilliant Cornered themes. Cor, I think I need a lie down after all that.

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