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Grab yourself some bargain tunes in Steam's soundtrack sale

Lofi gaming beats to study and relax to

Hundreds of soundtracks are on sale on Steam right now to celebrate to celebrate the new and improved features for music and soundtracks. The sale started yesterday and ends on Friday the 14th, so you have a couple of days left to grab some bargain tunes to woo your love interests with.

There's a couple of personal favourites I've spotted on the main sale page that I need to hold myself back from buying - Disco Elysium's OST for example has 25% off making it £7.49, and Dead Cells has 50% so it's down to the very reasonable price of £2.24. Oooh Hollow Knight's is on sale too! That one's also 50% off and costs £3.49, and… oops, there goes that money I was trying not to spend.

Steam launched its new soundtrack features back in January. The new system supports higher quality audio formats than MP3 (like FLAC or raw WAV files) if you want that super good sound, and there's also a shiny new interface to play soundtracks through in your Steam library. Steam also now lets developers sell soundtracks to people who don't own the game, and they can even sell music from games that aren't actually on Steam.

You can check out the sale yourself over on Steam, and there's even a live radio cycling through a bunch of the tracks on offer right now. I've been writing this article while the Portal OST is playing on said radio, and I'm reminded of how lovely it is to work to game music.

Wait I've changed my mind because this just came on and it's considerably less lovely. Choose your working music wisely, folks.

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