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Petal Runner is a slice-of-life Gameboy Advance style RPG about being a digital pet courier

The 'pet' in 'petal runner' is a play on 'pet' as in 'pets' as in 'cats and such'

Brushing a dig-dog in Petal Runner
Image credit: Nano Park Studios

Are Tamagotchis a thing now again? I’m getting a sense they might be, but I’ll always associate them with the nineties. Ah, to return to a simpler time, where kids tripped each other up in the school hallways to steal toys , before Pokémon cards came along and everyone leveled up to stabbings. Sorry, Petal Runner devs, for opening a news article about your lovely wholesome game talking about stabbings. This gorgeous, fuschia-splashed, slice-of-life RPG is, if anything, the antidote to stabbings. In terms of game fatigue, anyway. It won’t cure tetanus, at least I don’t think so.

Petal Runner comes from Nano Park Studios, consisting of Danny Guo and Brandon James Greer, who also runs a popular YouTube channel about pixel art. Here is a man who clearly knows how to make a very tiny square look very nice, then, but I reckon you've already come to that conclusion just by looking at a few screens of the game. PetRun casts you as a motorcycle courier for the titular Petal Runners. You play as Cali, joined by a little fox pal who follows you around. I’m a little wary of foxes as someone who wanted a fennec for years before researching the absolute hell they’re like to live with, but I can deal with a digi-fox.

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You’ll explore the town of Sapphire Valley, the name of which alone is such a knowing wink to Gameboy Advance-era creature collectors that you can be pretty confident what sort of vibes you’re getting here. You’ll play minigames and grow pets, and there may be a nefarious conspiracy of some sort lurking at the heart of the digi-pet craze. There’s certainly a scientist-looking fellow with no hair and bottle-rim glasses, the types most likely to be found at the heart of no-good goings on, say I. Still no release date on this one, but we’ll keep you posted.

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