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Pigeon Simulator will let you crap on businessmen

Wealth redistribution

Sorry buisnessfolk. That headline is needlessly inflammatory, a pointlessly provocative goad towards the fine men and women who keep our economy ticking. You CAN crap on them in Bossa Studio's freshly announced Pigeon Simulator, though. As well as pelt them with skateboards and explode their cars.

This is the same studio that brought us Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, games that chart their inexorable progress towards dicking about with chaps in suits. Like so.

For the uninitiated, 'incongruous animal/inanimate object simulators' are physicsy, sometimes deliberately buggy playgrounds about weird stunts and bothering people. The central hook for I Am Bread was a) you're bread haha and b) it is hard to do platform puzzles when you are bread. Even considering the numerous pigeons we just saw go splat, I get the impression this will skew more towards playful larks rather than gruelling treks.

It's interesting to see Bossa go back to old tricks, after recently deciding skyfaring MMO Worlds Adrift was a bust. They're shutting down the skyboats and returning to what they know will sell. Fair enough.

There's no word on a release date, but you can coo over the pigeon on Bossa's website. Me, Dave and Alice Bee spent a minute in the office trying to work out if it's real or not, but now it seems obvious and we seem silly.

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