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Quake Remastered now has a horde mode

And a new free singleplayer add-on

It feels at times as if, over a long enough timeline, all first-person shooters trend towards becoming the same game by cribbing modes from one another. Case in point: Quake now has a horde mode. It comes as part of a new update for Quake Remastered, Bethesda's recent spit-and-polish of the classic 3D shooter. The horde mode is made by MachineGames for 1-4 players - and the update also includes a new (or "new") singleplayer add-on.

I say the above like I'm not totally up for the idea of playing a Quake mode where you fight increasingly difficult enemies with pals. I am. Quake's horde mode can be played on any difficulty level and includes four new maps designed specifically for it. Players score points by killing enemies, every 3rd wave has a boss monster, and every 9th wave gives you the option to escape or keep fighting for a higher score.

The add-on meanwhile is a singleplayer campaign called Honey. It's newly included with Quake, and it was created by Machine Games senior level designer Christian Grawert. It's a beautiful level, set in a fog-laden village with draw distances that still impress me when I see them in Quake. It's only "new" because Grawert originally released Honey as a map pack back in 2012. There are instructions on how to access Honey here.

This update also marks Quake's release on the Epic Games Store. Steam and Epic owners can still play together via Bethesda.net's friend list.

You can read about all the update's changes and bug fixes in this post on the Bethesda site. Gun Game mode next?

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