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RPS@PAX 2022: Friday daily round-up

Games! Interviews! And a Wordle Royale?

We're now halfway through PAX East 2022, which can only mean one thing: it's time for our second daily round-up video. Instead of plonking ourselves in the middle of the empty show floor after hours, we snuck back into Devolver's booth to film our Friday catch-up, where we started our day some 10 hours beforehand. We got the lowdown on McPixel 3 from solo dev Sos Sosowski, and marvelled once again at the lovely overgrown arcade cabinets of reverse citybuilder Terra Nil. We then moved over to the Focus stand to play supernatural cowboy slayer Evil West and the ultra fast FPS Warstride Challenges. We also stopped by the Pinny Arcade communtiy meet-up today, and sat in on a couple of panels, including one about the history of PC hardware modding and a Wordle Royale. Find out exactly what that means in the video below.

I think I speak for both myself and Liam that our collective highlight of the day was visiting the Pinny Arcade trading meet-up, where pin collectors old and new gather together to display, trade and bolster their beloved pin libraries. No money changes hands. Just pins for pins, pure and simple. We had a lovely time chatting with members of the community, so watch out for that video very soon.

Hardware heads will also want to keep an eye out for our interview with Isaïe Simonnet, who moderated the Evolution of PC Modding panel. In it, he discussed the history of PC modding, the great debate over RGBs, and what the future holds for budding case and cooling modders. And, of course, who could forget the Wordle Royale, in which members of the audience compete to win prizes by solving gaming-themed Wordle puzzles with just 20 seconds per line? I have never seen such elation for two-line guesses as we did in that room. Truly heartwarming stuff.

There are still loads more games we've got our eye on, too, from the freshly minuted RPS Bestest Best Turbo Overkill (you have a chainsaw for a leg, folks) to Dome Keeper, an underwater mining rougelike formerly known as Ludum Dare darling Dome Romantik that has just a touch of SteamWorld Dig about it. We've also yet to digest the entire PAX Rising Showcase, which we'll be stopping by tomorrow.

So there's plenty more to come! In the meantime, though, if you missed any of our previous PAX coverage, then make sure you check out our RPS@PAX tag, which is gradually getting stuffed with lots of fun developer interviews, gameplay impressions, show floor oddities, and more.

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