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RPS@PAX 2022: Tour of the show floor

Walk in our shoes

PAX East 2022 is in full swing, and we've been marching round the show floor to capture all the sights and sounds going on inside the Boston convention centre. After all, why should attendees have all the fun? Join us for our giant tour of the PAX East show floor, where we go behind the scenes on all the biggest stands, games and arenas to give you a snapshot picture of all things PAX.

You may remember some of these little booth details from my photo post of the best (and most cursed) things we saw on the showfloor - the cursed Chernoylite babies, the overgrown arcade cabinets for Terra Nil, Larian's actual fort for Baldur's Gate 3 - but here you can see them in all their physical, moving glory, plus loads more I didn't get round to taking pictures of yesteday.

There was a good sense of bustle on the show floor considering it was only Thursday when we made this. Some of our booth shots might look a little empty, but that's because we shot a lot of our footage super early before doors opened to the general public. The hyperlapse sections, meanwhile, are a lot busier, as we shot some of those a bit later. It's not too bsy, though, which is good. The hallways are nice and spacious and there are lots of places for people to hang out away from all the booths and stands, including the PAX Arena, the tabletop zone and the rows upon rows of PC gaming stations. It's also just nice to be back chatting to folks, you know?

Alas, there's not a lot of chat in this particular video, but we'll be doing loads of it over the coming days, talking to as many indie devs as we possibly can. For more of our PAX East coverage, remember to check out our first daily round-up video from yesterday, and keep an eye on our RPS@PAX tag, too.

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