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Saturday Supplement: Gotham Is Rubbish

This isn't about videogames, but consider it an extension of our shortlived Saturday Supplement. Gotham is an American TV show currently in its third season. It's awful in almost every way, and yet they keep making it and I keep watching.

Gotham has a compelling premise in that it's set in Batman's home city in the years before Batman exists. Bruce Wayne is still a young teenager, his parents killed in the first episode, and the show's main character is instead Detective Jim Gordon. The show then introduces other characters from Batman lore in their embryonic forms: The Riddler is not yet the Riddler, but Edward Nygma is there as a riddle-obsessed police lab tech; Poison Ivy is a little girl and Catwoman is a teen, both homeless; the Penguin is present and has that nickname, but he starts out as the trod-upon assistant to another criminal.

It squanders so much.

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