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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: a spooky pandemic and handcrafted art

Come admire these interesting and attractive indie games!

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by so very much! Come check out immersive sim piano-playing, hand-drawn and stop-motion art, alien horror and pandemic horror, dogfighting planes, and loads more!

Cute handcrafted scenes in stop-motion language-learning adventure game Language Adventure:

A strong mood in Curfew (coming to Itch.io), a horror game "set on a surreal floating British island during a mysterious pandemic":

I often don't like music puzzles, not least of all because I spend ages going "Okay so these two black keys mean this is C which means..." and counting on my fingers, so I do appreciate immersive sim Spectra adding note guides. I look forward to playing the one tune I know off the top of my head (the main ditty from The Big Breakfast's theme song) on this piano:

Colourful scenes in twin-stick shooter Roto Force (coming to Steam):

Sound on for sad scenes in action-RPG The Milk Lake (coming to Steam):

A great question for a great boy:

While we're by the waterside, here's a nice waterdash in Teslagrad 2 (coming to Steam):

And why not just a splash more water, from The Journey Of AutUmn (coming to Steam), a hand-painted adventure game about an android exploring an alien planet:

I like this little detail in treasure-hunting "action adventure RPG" Bridgebourn, which has a good look in general:

A cute take on a classic platformer level type in Pepper Grinder (coming to Steam and GOG):

Seeing that "open-world Lovecraftian spacefighter RPG" Underspace (coming to Steam) didn't use these concepts makes me very curious to see what they actually have done:

Extremely interested in this long sightseeing descent from metroidvania V.A Proxy (coming to Steam):

A spell which will consume all my mana and deal as much murder as magically possible really appeals to me:

Extreme realism in aeroplane dogfighting wave survival shooter Top Dog (coming to Steam):

Twitter compression is unkind to this spooky scene from alien encounter game The White Owl (coming to Itch.io):

A bit of puzzling in the hand-drawn world of Ruffy And The Riverside (coming to Steam):

This is a curious one:

And to close, I do enjoy a game having a built-in museum for its own history, like ultraviolent first-person shooter Ultrakill (out now on Steam Early Access) soon will:

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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