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Ultrakill's demo offers a colourful Quake-like where blood is fuel

Devil May Quake

"Mankind is dead. Blood is fuel. Hell is full." What a lovely poem, which is used to describe Ultrakill, a fast-paced first-person shooter that's like Quake with more colourful levels and a lot of jumping. It's been kicking around for a while, but a new trailer and demo are available now.

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I've started to find it difficult to tell the difference between the many mid-'90s shooter revivals. Yer Amid Evils, DUSKs and so on all wash over me and leave only a refreshed desire to play more Devil Daggers. Ultrakill appeals more than the others however, as it's pairing its Quake-inspired weaponry with movement abilities, combos and the need to recharge your health via getting enemy blood on you. There looks to be a rhythm and flow to it.

Also, New Blood Interactive are definitely winning on the URL game. They're responsible for Gloomwood's, and Ultrakill's is the similarly excellent The publisher themselves sell merch via, too. I'm easily pleased.

Hitting will take you to the game's Steam page, where you can grab a demo of the game. It's got five levels to smash through and if you have the time to play it, come back and let me know what the tiny blue skull in the screenshots is all about, please.

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