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Shape Of The World Is A Growing Exploration Game

Like a Proteus development timelapse

Shape of the World is an "artistic exploration game where the world grows around you." It's being made by three game developers working in Vancouver: lead dev Stu Maxwell, who previously worked on Relic's Space Marine; Athomas Goldberg doing "creatures", who previously worked on animation systems at EA; and Brent Silk on sound and music.

And that's pretty much all I know, except that the three GIFs below the fold - and the screenshots through on the game's site - mean that I'm already in love with this dreamy, colourful, self-constructing world.

Those three GIFs:

There's a little more info - including a few screenshots and extra pieces of concept art - with promises of more to come through at the game's site.

Did I find this before Alice? I think I found this before Alice.

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