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Gorgeous Walking Sim Shape Of The World Hits Kickstarter

Pretty pretty

Shape of the World [official site] is certainly the flashiest walking simulator I've seen. Its world appears before you as you walk, ground rising up, rocks falling down, and trees unfurling. It's gorgeous, and doesn't sound half-bad either. Flashiness takes time and money, though.

Developers Hollow Tree Games have launched a Kickstarter seeking $75,000 Canadian (£39k) to help finish up development. Look, look how pretty this is:

The world isn't static, either, as it'll fade away and reform in a new shape behind you. That music's also a touch responsive, reacting to what's going on around you. It looks and sound splendid but I'm still baffled by those collect-o-spheres. They seem like an unnecessarily intrusive Game Thing in such a clean game. What do they even do? As I often say, it seems loads of folks want to make walking simulators but can't help cramming in The Sort of Things Video Games Should Have, Right? Relax, let the collect-o-spheres go.

Hollow Tree Games say they've been working on the game for a year and Kickstarter cash will help speed it along, shooting for a July 2016 release. They say "have additional funding sources in mind if our estimates turn out low" and it seems seems they're sniffing around publishers too.

Pledging at least $20 CAD (£10.50) would get you a copy when/if the game's finished. Kickstarter's this-a-way if you're curious.

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