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Steam Winter Sale highlights, hand picked for you and your loved ones by our artisan bakers

Hand-picked bargains

Steam's Winter Sale used to be The Big One, a crazed festival of online commercialism of the likes you'd not see again for another year. Not so much these days, with the robotshop seeming to have sales every few weeks. And even less so now it's a two week static bunch of discounts, rather than a daily lucky-dip, people hedging bets on waiting to see if their desired games would take the big 80% plummet for a single day, then becoming furious when they chickened out and bought a day before. It makes life easier, if somewhat less interesting. Still though - it's an awful lot of discounted games to scour, so we've rifled through and found some of the highlights. What a cracking bunch of super-cheap games you'll find below!

The Big Names

There are, as ever, some big ticket hefty discounts, major titles that you may have not been able to pick up at full price on release. Perhaps the most significant being...

DOOM -67% - £13/$20/€20

The second best shooter of the year, unless you think it's the first best, and offering one hell of a discount. Plummeting from overpriced to bargain priced, this seems the golden boy of the year - something Bethesda seems to get right every time.

Read all our DOOMed coverage here.

Just Cause 3 -75% - £10/$15/€12.50

An absolutely fantastic romp, now more fantastic for having a year to iron out the many, many bugs.

Jump into our Just Cause 3 posts.

Dishonored 2 -33% - £27/$40/€40

Bethesda haven't been quite as impressive with the discount for their other big 2016 title as they are with DOOM, but a third off actually takes it down to the price it should have launched at in the first place. (Although you can pick up the original Dishonored for a crazy £2.63!)

Sneak a peak at all things Dishonored 2.

Tom Clancy's The Division -50% - £20/$25/€25

With so many free updates patched in the game is better than it's ever been, and it's always been rather good. Half price seems very fair.

Tom Clancy's coverage on RPS is all here.

Cities: Skylines -75% - £6/$7.50/€7

Proving there's much life left in the city builder, this game continues to see excellent additions. The base game is just £6 for the holidays, or you can get all the DLC added in for a not-so impressive £25.

Brick by brick we bring you all the Cities: Skylines news.

The Indie Greats

Invisible Inc -70% - £5.40/$7/€7

One of 2015's finest challenges, packaged together with its Contingency Plan DLC, for a lovely deal.

Sneak up on our Invisible Inc coverage.

Oxenfree -75% - £3.75/$5/€5

Narrowly missed off our Advent list for 2016, this is a stunning spooky mystery that you may have missed via its January release.

Spend the night reading our Oxenfree posts.

Hexcells Complete -70% - £1.80/$2.70/€2.70

It would be madness for me not to mention the best puzzle game ever released on PC. All three for less than £2. Extraordinary.

Be puzzled by all our Hexcells coverage.

American Truck Simulator -30% - £10.50/$14/€14

Our driving game of the year takes off a modest 30%, but nudges at a very favourable tenner. Also, if you feel like quite the bargain, you can get SCS's bundle of this and Euro Truck Sim & its sequel, plus a raft of DLC for both, and Bus Simulator, for just £26ish.

Haul your way through all our American Truck Simulator postings.

RPS Favourites

Ben There, Dan That/Time Gentlemen, Please -90% - 29p/49c

Two of the best point and click adventure games ever made, for 29p. That's frankly very silly. Like the games. Which feature Hitler's robot-dinosaur army and the time travelling adventures of a coathanger.

Point then click at all our Time Gentlemen, Please coverage.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons -85% - £1.64/$2.24/€2.24

How can it be over three years since this gorgeous little third-person adventure came out? The smartest use of a game controller since I threw one at a spider.

Sniffle your way through our Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons posts.

Subnautica -50% - £7.50/$10/€10

Pip's game of 2016, beautiful early access underwater exploring, crafting and staring at octopuses.

Dive into our Subnautica coverage.

Deadly Premonition -90% - £2/$2.50/€2.50

Alice SCREAMS that you must play this. And at 90% off and just two quid you'll likely get past just how buggy it is.

Investigate all our Deadly Premonition articles here.

Super House Of Dead Ninjas -80% - £1/$1.40/€1/40

Adam extols the virtues of this retro roguish platformer, and at a quid it's not too big of a risk to see if he's a trustworthy sort. (He rather is.)

Descend ever downward into our Super House Of Dead Ninjas posts... Oh wait you can't, because ADAM'S FORGOTTEN TO EVER WRITE ABOUT IT. He explains, "I am an idiot."

Life Is Strange -75% - £4/$5/€5

The first episode of the coming-of-age, Telltale-style adventure is already free, so you'll struggle to complain at that price. And now you can find out if you'll enjoy the other four episodes for a tiny £4.

Rewind time to read all our Life Is Strange writings.

Oh and so many more besides. You'll have found your own hidden treats, and you should let everyone else know about them (and why they're great) in the comments below.

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